Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat....

Only 11 days to go and I can't believe just how laid back I am. The presents are wrapped, the cards are sent and most of my meat and poultry have been ordered or bought fresh and in the freezer. All there is to do is make the mincemeat (recipe below) and apart from putting the tree up, it's all done! Normally I am running around in a whirling dervish trying to get things organised and panicking that I haven't bought enough presents, food, drink etc etc.  The tree has been standing in our garage for a few days now getting acclimatized so that it will be ready for bringing indoors. My grandchildren are coming around on Thursday to help decorate it along with my daughter, when I've no doubt we will indulge in a glass of Baileys or two!

Well here is the recipe for the Mincemeat - it was passed to me about 15 years ago and it's yummy!

450g cooking apples - finely chopped
120g suet
350g raisins
240g sultanas
240g currants
350g soft dark brown sugar
The grated rind and juice of 2 oranges and 2 lemons
60g flaked almonds
4 teaspoons mixed spice
Half teaspoon ground cinnamon
Half a nutmeg - grated
6 tablespoons brandy

Just mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl except for the brandy. Then cover with a cloth and leave for 12 hours. To prevent fermentation place the mincemeat in a cool oven gas mark 1/4 or 110c for three hours. Then allow it to get cold and stir in the brandy. Spoon into clean dry jars and cover with waxed discs and then seal.



  1. Hello, I've just found your blog and see we are interested in many of the same things like books and family history! Thanks for the link. I'm now going to read your last post about Pottery Lane:)

  2. Thankyou Rosie for your comment. I'm still finding my way around as I'm new to blogging but hopefully with practice I'll get there. So much to learn but having fun.


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