Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A bracing walk along the coast

Happy New Year everyone.

Well this page should have been posted yesterday but as I didn't get the time then, here it is now. However, I spoke too soon about Spring being on its way. What a difference a day makes!  But hey ho here goes anyway.

Today the sun is shining and we took ourselves off to Leigh on Sea, just a ten minute drive from Thundersley.

We ventured down into Old Leigh fishing village, an area renowned for its abundance of cockle sheds, boats, fishermen's cottages and small beaches.

The local pubs The Peter Boat and the Smack Inn both overlooking the Thames Estuary were brimming with people either sitting by the cosy log fire inside or outside in the sun overlooking the water.

There were plenty of people about; couples walking their dogs or families out with their childen on their new bikes, roller blades and scooters etc.

There is a path that will take you all the way into Southend on Sea, a couple of miles along the coast, if you want but today we turned around at Chalkwell.

The clear blue skies and fresh breeze made it a bracing walk along the coastal path and we couldn't resist walking along the beach too.

You could almost be fooled into thinking that Spring was on its way as there were so many like-minded people all taking in the sun and fresh sea air.

We do this walk quite often and I normally indulge myself with a freshly caught dressed crab to take home for tea but alas all the cockle sheds were closed today so will have to wait until the next time.


  1. When I was a child I went to Leigh on sea for the day and was disgusted because there were no amusement arcades (how my tastes have changed) your pictures are lovely but it does look b****y

  2. Hello Elaine - have to say it was cold when we were facing the wind but shortly after we met up with our son for a coffee and sat outside the coffee shop in the sun. Admittedly the hot coffee helped!

  3. Hello and thanks for following my blog! I have enjoyed having a quick browse through yours, and notice we share some interests! I dabble in family history too, though I've come to a bit of a halt as I need to start going to County Records in the hope of finding things I can't online! Some of my family came from Essex (Debden, Dunmow and various other places). I will look forward to further visits to your blog.

  4. Hi Alix, thanks for your comment. Family history is sooo addictive, have you found that? If I can help with any of your Essex research, let me know. My paternal line comes from Wormingford and I occasionally go to the ERO at Chelmsford.

  5. Lovely pictures,Patricia.I wish we lived a bit nearer the sea, there's nothing like a lovely walk along the sea front, if its cold you can always wrap up snuggly and warm and then enjoy a lovely hot drink when you get back or in a little cafe.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog.I have been trying to get the quilting magazine today and it seems to be sold out!

    1. Hello Anne, I've tried everywhere for the quilting magazine too. If you find it perhaps you would let me know where you bought it? It would be good to see what's in it and might give me the inspiration to start something.


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