Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fishing around the freezer

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments recently and apologise for not replying at this time. I love getting them, they make my day.

I always buy fresh meat, poultry and fish and then freeze for another day. Vegetables are normally fresh but occasionally buy frozen peas or runner beans when they're not in season. Well today I've been having a tidy-up in my freezer as I like to leave some space for the run up to Christmas, mindful of the fact that some of this food will have to be eaten by its use-by date. Anyway I found a few packs of fish where only one or two odd pieces were remaining so decided to make a fish pie using Cod, Haddock and Salmon which I sliced and diced.

Made some parsely sauce (packet)  and added to the mix

Topped it with freshly mashed potato and
Tah-dah - here it is waiting to go in the oven (for about 30 minutes)
I just wish I'd had some parsley for the top!

Sometimes the simplest of ingredients make the best of meals -
and all from the odds and ends floating around my freezer.
Do you have a favourite quickie meal?


  1. As you can imagine with our Italian background, a fresh tomato and basil sauce with pasta or rice and topped with grated parmesan cheese makes a quick and tasty meal.
    Hope your week is going well.

    1. Oh I love pasta and rice meals and as you say they're so quick and easy to make. My mouth is watering.
      Patricia x

  2. Yes, yours, I'm on my way round!! :) I think though anything with pasta for me. Suzy x

  3. I love fish pie, it's such a comforting dish. One of our favourite quick meals is pasta and bacon in a bechamel sauce with walnut and pineappple pieces, it's delicious.

  4. We had fish pie at the weekend! Like others for quickness and confort I'd choose pasta either pasta with tomato sauce, olives and basil or just pesto and another firm favourite comfort food - macaroni cheese:)

  5. Fish pie is a firm favourite here! Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog Patricia, I'm now a follower of yours :)
    Victoria xx

  6. I go for Italian in these cases!
    Happy weekend Patricia

  7. That sounds lovely. I haven't made fish pie for years, but it's real comfort food. My favourite cheap meal is fish cakes made with leftover mash and a packet of smoked mackerel. Yummy with lots of horseradish sauce :)


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