Wednesday, 16 January 2013

To Snow or not to Snow..that is the question

Hi Everyone. Well I was hoping to post some lovely snowy photos today, but no, it is positively Spring like here. Not a hint of it. Just a very hard frost this morning and very very cold temperatures. To say I am envious of the rest of the country is an understatement. I might well live to regret that statement if we get snowed in and under next week and I can't get the car out. 

However, the photos I took today are giving me some consolation as I haven't had a stroll around my garden for ages and was quite pleasantly surprised.

These pansies are on our front porch and were planted last Summer
How they've survived the battering winds and rain that we've endured
this winter, I'll never know
This Hebe looks like this all year round and is beginning to flower
(can you see the merest of mere white stuff on the lawn?)
Another favourite - Hebe with Euonymous
This ornamental grass has been in a pot on my front garden for donkeys of years
but still manages to put on a brave face - I love the colour
This evergreen Rhododendron always comes up trumps and looks so pretty in May
So, that's my non-snowy, unseasonal winter garden. However, as we speak, I've just spoken to my sister Barbara who tells me that the weather forecast is predicting heavy snow showers this weekend -so watch this space.!
I'd like to give a warm welcome to my new followers - Liz, Vanessa, Perpetua, Joy, Rosemary, Lacy Crochet and Kristie. Thank you for joining me, it's lovely having you aboard.
Bye for now
Have a lovely Wednesday evening and keep warm.


  1. Hello Patricia:
    Gosh, how positively like spring your garden looks.What a cheery sight to lift the spirits!! The Winter Pansies do seem able to withstand the bleakest of weather conditions, popping up with a burst of colour as soon as the sun shines. Enjoy!!!

  2. Hiya!
    Thank you for a lovely welcome, your pictures of your garden look beautiful!
    We've had a little snow but not much so far, however i hear there's more on the way.

  3. Apparently we can expect some snow Friday and Saturday which I'm not looking forward to, I like it when it's nice and crunchy but not when it turns slippery.

    Your flowers and plants look so lush, very Spring like as you said.

  4. It is v. cold here and the roads are very icy. Walking is not much fun. We used to have hebes but they couldn't stand our cold winters. Yours look lovely though.

  5. Dear Patricia,
    your garden looks like an early spring garden.
    It looks so pretty, I like your buddah fountain!
    I do not like snow and the cold.
    I miss the our warm sunny days.
    Last week was really lovely until yesterday..then our weather changed. It started to become cold. and today since midday its not stopped raining.
    I am sure you are preparing for the snow.
    Rosemary also wrote that she has no snow where she is.
    happy evening

  6. It's nice to see some signs of Spring, we haven't had any snow either yet, maybe it will be different by the end of the week. I love your ornamental grass too.
    Sarah x

  7. Thank you for your kind welcome. It looks as if your part of the country are experiencing the same weather conditions as us. Yesterday was absolutely brilliant so sunny and such blue skies. Pansies are amazing little flowers the way they put up with all that nature can throw at them and still come out smiling.

  8. We're still waiting on our first snow here in KY as well!!

  9. It doesn't look cold at all, lovely garden.

  10. Pansies, hebes are usually so resilient and make a good show. I like your ornamental grass. Have a good day, Patricia.

  11. We have had snow but also some brilliant blue skies and sunshine - a winning combination in my book!

  12. I love your flower pictures, Patricia, especially the pansies - one of my favourite flowers. I think you may well get your wish this weekend. The snow looks like being pretty widespread and it's been so cold where you are that every flake will stick. Keep warm!

  13. As I read your blog I have on Itv's Daybreak and see you are now getting snow and lots of it. Ours cannot melt due to the freezing temperatures but there has been no fresh snow since I posted about it on my handwork blog. I have to venture out to the pharmacy by foot so hope it is not slippery today.

    I hope your plants survive the cold heading for you and show off their blooms again afterwards. We have the same hebe which was blooming but now blanketed in snow. Take care in the snow today and build a snowman. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  14. Touring your garden gives me lovely thoughts of spring. Of course who doesn't love spring?? Thanks for sharing.
    Missy M

  15. Touring your garden gives me lovely thoughts of spring. Of course who doesn't love spring?? Thanks for sharing.
    Missy M

  16. No snow here either, not even a flake! It meant I could get out on my first bike ride of 2013 though.
    You garden is looking lovely, the pansies are very cheering to see.
    Good luck with the charity shops and thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

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    Nice atmosphere guests with you here on the blog. ;]
    Yours. Have a nice day. !

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    I'm very concerned about this, please. :)

  18. Hi Patrica, Your garden is beautiful . . . I think it is just wanting spring to hurry up. Nature has a way of knowing . . . so maybe you can count on a chance in weather. Think warm sunny days :) Oh, and your grasses are amazing . . . so pretty.

    I too purchased a new spiral notebook the other day. I wanted watercolor paper, but in our little town I could not find it, so mine is just heavy stretch paper. Because yours is water color paper, it should work beautifully with the products you purchased. I am so excited and I can not wait to see what you do. If you could see me . . . I am doing my happy dance. I love it when I can be an inspiration to another sister :)
    Have fun!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  19. Wow... gorgeous plants!
    I love plants, they always bring about calmness... I hope you have a wonderful week my new friend!


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