Monday, 15 April 2013

A quick catch up....

A huge thank you to all my friends for your lovely comments recently they mean such a lot. Things are getting pretty hectic around here now - with just over a month to my final mammoth assignment I don't seem to have time for anything. So - for the moment I'm blogging as and when I can and apologise now if I miss any of your posts.

So here's a catch up on what's been happening down my way over the last week.

Last Sunday we were having coffee in our sitting room when John spotted this strutting past our front window.

We couldn't believe our eyes

It was obviously a bit peckish as it was happy to eat some breadcrumbs
we threw out of the window

We have since heard that it belongs as a pet to someone living about a quarter of a mile away who often lets it out. It finds it way home later in the day when it feels like it - like a cat will do. 

I was absorbed with my reading last week and feeling pretty stressed out when the postman knocked. He had a parcel for me and I definitely wasn't expecting one. Well to my absolute delight this is what I received all wrapped up in this pretty fabric and sent as a RAK from the lovely Heidi in Holland such a lovely Random Act of Kindness and so much appreciated. Made my day!

These are called 'Lapkins' that she made from fabric purchased at an Alsacian factory in France. So pretty and reminds me of William Morris fabric.

and then she crocheted the napkin rings to go with them

which she had attached some gorgeous vintage brass buttons

Thank you once again Heidi I love them and as you suggested will come in handy for out in the garden (when we get some sun of course)

Thought I'd show you a couple of charity shop finds too.

I really don't need any more bone china tea sets but couldn't resist this one. I just love the colour which is a very pale pink almost white and the pattern is so pretty.

and also this cut glass cake stand/fruit bowl - not sure which but will do for either.
Again I have a sideboard full of them - well three or four at least. But hey it'll come in handy

As it was half term last week my daughter had a friend and her daughter to stay and they took me out for the day with young L to Suffolk for the day. We first of all went to Jimmy's Farm - where it rained all day long - not an animal was to be seen by us - they were there somewhere but had the sense to stay inside their pens, barns, stables etc, although we did see some day old chicks which pleased L.

So what were us girls to do with ourselves - a pub lunch - that'll keep us happy and it did too. We found one called the Butt and Oyster by the river near Ipswich which in the Summer would be idyllic but in the rain - dismal.

This ploughmans with cheese and ham was divine and kept us out of trouble for a few hours catching up with all the girlie chat as you do over a glass of wine or three.

We had friends to stay this weekend so made these yummy chocolate brownies  which I only just remembered to snap before they all went - recipe another time.

Well that's all the news from here and will be back soon.

I'd like to welcome my new followers - Serendipity, Lavender Attic, Tanya, Louise and Ivan - lovely to have you on board.


  1. Good luck with the final assignment - I hope that you're starting to feel that you've got 'over the worst' with it! I think the napkins are gorgeous. Here's hoping that we have some nice summer weather this year. Jx

  2. Good luck with your assignment.
    I giggled at the thought of you sitting open mouthed as the peacock strutted past!

  3. WHat an incredible act of kindness - I have heard about this wonderful practice from my Buddhist friends, it's something I'd like to do; quietly, privately, or it isn't worth the gesture.

    Good luck in the final push, and continue to enjoy those small but uplifting treats, they make life worth living.Lx

  4. How wonderful to have a peacock walk through your garden. That was a lovely gift to

  5. Best of luck with your final assignment - do you think you'll miss it when you are finished? I know I did. A lovely post, full of things we all love, from peacocks to that beautiful teaset and great glass dish, and what a special set of napkins, all the better for being an unexpected surprise! I love a Ploughmans lunch too...x

  6. How lovely to have a peacock walking through the garden, I would have been thrilled, and then to receive those very attractive lapkins.
    I do believe that you are wearing one of my favourite scarves - the red and white spotted one!!!
    Hoping everything goes well for you in the final stages of your assignment - good luck.

  7. Hello dear Patricia,
    I was so pleased that finally you now can see my posts.
    What a beautiful peacock. I would be worried that a dog might attack it or something, but it obviously knows its way around.
    Your gift from Heidi..are beautiful..what a lovely name' lapkins' and great idea.
    love your new tea set and glass bowl.
    Not long now Patricia... keep it up ... good luck
    val x x x

  8. Wishing you all the best and lots of luck with your final assignment - be great!
    Lovely finds at the charity shop and that pub lunch looks yummy too :-)
    Have a happy week,

  9. What a lovely post full of delightful things. It's not everyday that a peacock strutts by your window! Good luck with your last assignment and I hope all goes well:)

  10. Good to catch up on your news. Lots of good things seem to have been happening - some unexpected such as the peacock passing by! The hand crafted gift from Heidi is gorgeous. The fabric and crocheted holders are beautiful. As always, hope the assignment goes well! Looking forward to more news when you're able to blog.

  11. Your post is pure delight! Wishing you much much luck with your assignment. Suzy x

  12. Hope things go well with your assignment. I'm pretty much up to my ears in work too, having just started my first Level 3 module. Mercifully, no exam this year but the work load is massive!

  13. Hello Patricia, What a lovely week you had. I love the tea cups and the napkins. That lunch looked yummy ,too, but I guess by favorite thing was the visit from your new and beautiful neighbor. If I looked out my window and saw a peacock I would be running for my camera, too :)
    Have a lovely week, and thanks for the sweet visit and comment on my paintings :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  14. What a shame you only found lots of rain on your day out the ploughmans however does looks worth staying inside for! It must have been such a surprise looking out the window and discovering the peacock, maybe it will visit you again! Hoping all goes well on your last assignment we will look forward to hearing from you when it is complete!
    Sarah x

  15. Gosh, you have an eye for a bargain Patricia. :-) Like you I can;'t bear to see lovely china and glassware just begging for a home.... Of course you had to make brownies to go with those delightful plates. I love the lapkins - so pretty and such a kind gift.

    Very best wishes for the last haul.

  16. Good luck with your assigment, not long to go now :-)

    I like the look of those brownies and hope you post the recipe sometime in the future.

  17. Lots of lovely things in this post! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hope all goes smoothly with the final month of your course, the end is in sight, I remember that feeling well!

  18. How nice to receive such a lovely and unexpected gift from Heidi! It's a shame it rained when you went to Jimmy's Farm. We took my grandsons there a couple of years ago and had a really nice day - the sun was shing for us fortunately:)

  19. It's lovely to read your news again Patricia :) That peacock wandering through your garden is amazing! And such a lovely RAK from Heidi. Lots of luck with your final assignment xx

  20. The peacock came to wish you luck for your assignment, it's a very good sign! The ploughmans lunch looks wonderful (makes me homesick!) and the surprise gift of napkins a real treat! Lovely post.
    Good luck from me also!

  21. Hi Patricia! I was so happy to hear how surprised you were with my RAK gift. It is so much fun to be able to surprise people like this. Some I am having to ask for an address but doing it way before they are on my list so they are still surprised a little. :-) I am so glad you like your lapkins which I knew had your name on them. Funny how you can match a gift idea to a certain person.

    How neat to have that peacock visit!!! I would have been thrilled too. I hope he comes by more often to say hello. That would be so fun. Can I come have lunch in your garden and he came for a visit too? Lol!

    Best of luck with this final assignment!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  22. Hi Patricia. Lovely post to read.Your napkins are very pretty and so too the crocheted rings.Some fab finds too.I dont know how you manage to do what you do!! A very busy lady indeed! I wish you well with your final assignment and I take my hat off to you!!

  23. Patricia, nice porcelain things, I love them too. I think the lunch was quite delicious, especially that ham!
    Have a nice weekend!


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