Monday, 22 July 2013

A little bit of France

We came back last weekend from Brittany where we stayed with friends K and F who have been living in Plougourvest for ten years. This was our last visit as they are returning to the UK in September. I must just show you a glimpse of their lovely home and gardens. We are in such awe of their achievements in turning this old pig farm into a gorgeous, tastefully refurbished four bedroom house, complete with barns, porkery and outbuildings.

Their property is at the end of a mile long lane outside of the village and very remote

Farm fields surrounding them for as far as you can see
growing produce such as artichokes, cauliflowers and much much more

This is the first view you have when arriving

After our nightly barbecues we would stroll down to the bottom of their garden which is a good acre or more? (not sure what an acre looks like but its BIG!)

To the fast running stream which borders their property from the adjoining farmland

Cutting their huge lawn at the rear with their two sit-on mowers was beginning to take its toll so now they have left the middle to form a woodland meadow, attracting all manner of birds and insects.

 The muddy rings in the cut lawn around the meadow are made by the moles - a nightly and frustrating occurrence - there would literally be approximately 20 or 30 new molehills each morning!

Foxgloves grow everywhere with gay abandon 

Such a delight to wander these beautiful wooded areas

Our gentle stroll down through the meadow and gardens generally took about half an hour and we couldn't believe that it was still light at ten o-clock at night.

And so a return to their more formal gardens behind the house and a welcome glass of chilled wine to complete our evening!

Hope you enjoyed our evening strolls as much as we did


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  1. Goodness - that is some garden, it must have been lovely to have a wander after a nice meal in the shade of the trees - I would love a stream running at the bottom of my garden, somewhere nice to sit and cool my hot feet.

  2. I want to go there NOW!!!! How wonderful, I bet they will find it difficult to leave it. Our friends live in the Charente area, south west France where the weather is pretty good - Brittany and Normandy are very similar to UK aren't they, so less reliable for holiday weather. However, I wouldn't turn my nose up!

  3. Patricia, what a lovely house and garden! They are very hard working people to turn old farm in such pretty place. Thank you for sharing!

  4. The combination between formal garden and countryside is very pleasant. If your friends are returning permanently to the UK it must be difficult to leave after working so hard to develop the house and land.

  5. Your friends have done wonders with the cottage. It looks beautiful. I am sure they will have no problem in selling it.
    Here too the sun only goes down around 10.. Its great to sit out of an evening and just enjoy the remains of the day.
    So pleased you enjoyed your holiday Patricia.
    Our weather here is wonderful.
    Your friends did what I did.. make the old little cottage into Rose Cottage.
    Fun projects.
    happy Monday Patricia.
    val xx

  6. What a lovely home. I am sure that they will find it hard tk leave. Jx

  7. How delightful to have a stream at the bottom of the garden, it looks a lovely garden and house and I guess your friends will find it hard to leave. I can imagine the walk back to the house in the fading light and sitting with a glass of wine watching the sun set:)

  8. Both the house and garden look amazing. I dont think I would be able to leave it.

  9. No wonder you had such a lovely time In Brittany Patricia - the house and gardens are a delight. I am sure that they will find it a wrench to leave. Our friends have also lived there for 10 years but have actually owned the house for 13 years. However, they have no intention of returning back to UK although I do wonder how they will feel as they get older and may be less able to cope.

  10. What a lovely place. I wouldn't want to leave it!

  11. What a beautiful garden, and so lovely to have a stream wandering through. The pink foxgloves add a very special touch. Thank you for showing it to us! xx

  12. I love Brittany,it's a wonderful part of France.Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Hugs Erna x

  13. What a wonderful place to live, it looks so beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your photos :)

  14. You capture beautifully what draws so many people to live in France - the chance to renovate a house and create a garden far bigger than they could afford in the UK. But times change, and I'm sure such creative people will make a lovely new home for themselves back in Britain. Yet what a wrench to leave that wonderful garden and the long summer evenings.

  15. Your friends home, garden and location looks delightful. It must be difficult for them to leave there after living there for so long.
    Sarah x


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