Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Garden, birthday and crafts to make

I don't think I appreciated all the rain we had back in May and June because since we had the heatwave a few weeks ago our poor garden really took the brunt of all that sun and dry weather. Although we have kept it watered (obviously not enough!) our lawn is awful, with large patches of yellow (dead looking) grass and although people say 'it will come back again' I really don't see how. Fortunately we do have a few large paved areas where we plant up shrubs and flowers in pots, so all is not completely lost.

I got the inspiration for this step-ladder display a few weeks ago when I saw it here where Elaine had visited an open garden and posted a photo.
 I loved the idea and was soon on a mission to re-create it in my own garden.

Many years ago I bought this old Singer Sewing machine treadle table. I bought some decking wood and after cutting it to size and varnishing it, attached it to the top to create a display for some of my pots, which takes on a different look from year to year.

 I love potting up old garden trugs, tin buckets and pails, old boxes and birdcages

These potted areas have always been a favourite and again changeable from year to year

My herb garden is also in a large pot just outside my kitchen door - so useful for popping out to snip what I want, when I want

I bought this old milk can in a little local vintage shop which has the letters UN on the front. Not sure what that could mean, so I'm digging (excuse the pun) and delving on the internet to find out its history.

It was my birthday yesterday and I had such a lovely day - a trip out to Sudbury in Suffolk, where my daughter E took me to lunch with grandson L

And in the evening, with the whole family we went out to dinner at a local Tapas bar - very nice it was too!

My two gorgeous boys 

I had lots of lovely pressies and must show you just a couple before I go

This lovely Handmade Glamping book
which features so many fabulous crafting ideas which I am definitely going to make a start on -soon!

and this handy little book which will come in useful on our forthcoming campervan trips

and last but by no means least this gorgeous set of vintage looking china ice cream dishes complete with spoons (from Lakeland) - love them

Bye for now


  1. I love the little ladder display in your garden - fabulous idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. All looking great to me. We too have an old singer sewing machine treadle bottom and have an alpine garden on top with a place for 2 mugs. Unfortunately, the top is now falling apart and most of the alpines have died. Guess we need to start again! Fancy your birthday being 1 day before mine!

  3. Happy belated birthday Patricia. Glad you had a wonderful time. Your garden is looking lovely. I do love the steps and sewing machine base. A perfect foil for your plants. X

  4. Happy birthday. I love your display of plants in the garden, very pretty!

  5. Happy birthday - sounds like a lovely day. Your garden is looking good.

  6. Dear Patricia, Happy happy birthday, and I know you have enjoyed your celebrations. Thank you for showing your lovely garden area - I am inspired! Off to reorganise mine now ... xx

  7. So pleased you enjoyed your birthday. Love all your pots, and I may just pinch the step-ladder idea.
    Joy x x

  8. Belated happy birthday wishes, Patricia. I love all your plants in pots and tubs and the way you have displayed them around your garden:)

  9. Hi Patricia - so glad you found inspiration from my post on the garden visit. Your stepladder arrangement looks lovely and so does your garden - can't think why you don't do more posts on it. Glad you had a good birthday - love your pressies - lots of ideas there for you to try out. E.

  10. Happy, happy birthday - looks like a lovely day and lots of fabulous gifts were had!
    I love all your bits & pieces in the garden, especially the stepladder display.

  11. Happy birthday, it looks like you had a great time with your family and some lovely presents. I really like the look of your garden and all your pots.

  12. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a lovely time with your family. Your plants in pots and the interesting and creative ways of displaying them is inspiring! x

  13. Happy Birthday to you a few days late! Your garden is so pretty. I love what you have done with the ladder and the old sewing machine. I wish I had such creative genes. :-)

  14. Belated happy birthday wishes you had some lovely presents, I glad you had a wonderful day. I love all your displays in your garden. The ladder and old sewing machine table and potted area are wonderful.
    Sarah x

  15. Hi Patricia, first of all "Happy Birthday". It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. I can not wait to see the pretty things you make from being inspired by your "Glamping" book. It looks like a lot of fun :)
    Your garden looks lovely to me. It is raining here today and it is the first rain we have had since July 3rd. This last month we have had hot dry weather in the high 90's, so this rain is glorious :). I don't even want to see our water bill when in arrives. I've had to water every day, just to keep things from dieing. Why is it that when the weather is dry and hot everything but the weeds want to die, and the weeds grow so fast you can almost watch them grow?
    Again I say, Happy Birthday.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  16. Happy belated birthday Patricia.. looks like you had a lovely time.

    I absolutely love all your different flower displays.. they're wonderful.
    Julie x

  17. Dear Patricia,
    please forgive me for my late comment.. I some how missed it.
    wishing you a belated happy birthday.. I am so glad you were with your family.. It looks like you had fun and thats lovely.
    great prezzies..
    Your garden is like mine.. i made a post yesterday about mine.
    Your geraniums are looking lovely... so healthy.
    I have had problems with my well. Its nearly sorted.. so at least i have water again.
    I will be out with the housepipe in a while.. its so dry.
    sending kind regards to you .. val x x x

  18. Patricia, I'm late, sorry! Happy belated Birthday! Wish you good health, more money, love from your family and especially your lovely boys!
    I love your pottering, your table on the old sewing machine is pretty.

  19. Happy belated birthday Patricia. What a lovely garden you have...And your presents are wonderful.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Erna x

  20. Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear Patricia,
    Happy birthday to you!

    What a lovely photo of you with your grandson. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Your garden is beautiful. Wooden ladders are used here often but it has made them hard to find and very expensive. Yours is looking so pretty with its floral arrangements on it.

    It has rained almost all day today. I am so grateful for it! It is much needed for the ground to be drenched. And I am extra grateful for the woods up at the cottage being wet and less threat of fires. We are keeping our fingers crossed that all is well when we go this weekend after some extremely bad storms up there yesterday. There are many old and some dead trees standing in the woods next to our cottage. A little girl was killed when a tree fell on her family's camper which is so sad so a tree down in the garden is nothing to complain about.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  21. Belated birthday greetings, Patricia. What a lovely way to celebrate.

    Your pots all look wonderful, but you must have to so do much watering in dry weather. The south-east has had some very high temperatures over a long period, but hopefully it's cooler and moister for you now.

  22. Belated birthday greetings from me too! You have a gorgeous garden. Suzy x

  23. You are so creative in your garden – it must be an enchanting place to stay there when the weather is nice and warm. Congratulations on your achievements – you have worked hard and it must be so sweet to see the great results – bravo!

  24. Belated birthday wishes Patricia and may you have many more.

    Your garden is beautiful and the idea of using the ladder as a display is great, I also quite like the sewing machine table.

    My lawn was looking like yours too but a neighbour advised me to rake it which I did and that seemed to do the trick.

  25. Glad you had such happy birthday celebrations Patricia.
    Loved your potted garden. Your herbs look very healthy.
    With those lovely gifts, it looks like you are going to enjoy your camping adventures.
    Happy days. Betty


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