Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The tide's out

Making the most of some late summer sun we recently took an early evening stroll to our local fishing village at Leigh on Sea which takes on a whole different look when the tide's out.

Where fishing boats patiently await the return of the next tide to 
bring home another fine catch

and where the crunchy cockleshell beach is left in the tide's wake

Meanwhile, the fishing nets are hung out to dry 

plenty of rust and rope lying around the various nooks and crannies

 The many cobbled streets

take you to little alleyways which overlook the harbour

and the shore beyond

On dry land an abundance of fish and seafood stalls welcome visitors
where locally caught cockles, mussels, winkles and crab can be eaten

and where plenty of old fishermen's cottages line the streets

Sadly it's time to say goodnight to Punch and Judy

before lighting up time

and of course we couldn't miss some early evening sustenance 

before making our way home

Back again soon


  1. What a lovely looking place. I can almost smell the salty air. xx

  2. It is a similar site at Wells next the sea, or indeed any of the North Norfolk Coast. Not quite so many cockle shells and weed on the beach though.

  3. A lovely way to spend some time. I like wandering round places like that but being so far from the sea I can't do it all that often.

  4. Hi Patricia, I can not think of a better way to spend the early evening (or in my case the early morning it's 9:30 A.M. here). Thank you so much for taking us along with you on your stroll:)
    Now I need to get off the computer and go to the market. Have a wonderful day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. It looks a lovely place and I can appreciate it now - but when I was younger, i.e. a small child, we once had a day trip there, we had been holidaying somewhere where there plenty of amusement arcades etc. and it became the family joke that if we were naughty they would send us to Leigh-on-sea as punishment. Oh dear.

  6. Looks a beautiful place Patricia. I love to be at the seaside, there is no feeling like it.

  7. That looks a great way of spending an evening! Those are wonderful pictures.
    Sarah x

  8. It looks a lovely place, I wish I could be that close to the sea so I could take an evening stroll there, your photos are wonderful:)

  9. Looks lovely and I'm glad you made the most of the last of the sunshine.

  10. Lovely seaside pictures, Patricia. I had no idea Punch and Judy were still around - I remember them from childhood...My favourite photos are the cockleshells and the rusty chains - great textures!

  11. What a very pretty fishing village, lovely photos.

  12. A lovely place to take an evening stroll. As always, beautiful photos and I particularly like the ones of all those shells, the rusty chains, the ropes and of course, that sunset.

  13. Came to your blog from Sandie's 5 in 5, but I love this post in particular. I live by the beach and love these types of scenes.

  14. I was thinking of trying Essex for a few days next year - Leigh on Sea looks worth a visit xxx

  15. Lovely images Patricia really conveying the atmosphere and feel of the place.

  16. Looks like the perfect place to me!
    I love brick roads like that!
    I love the Sea Side and these pictures are wonderful!
    Tammy x

  17. Thanks Patricia, for this lovely evening walk I really enjoyed it.

  18. Lovely photos - I'm just catching up with everyone's news and posts after a couple of days away from the blogoshere! Jx

  19. Patricia, I love your last photo!Very romantic! First time I've seen tide I was very surprised, never seen before! Couldn't understand why the boats stand on the sand, on shore. Now I look at your pictures and recall these times. Thank you!

  20. Thanks for the lovely excursion, Patricia. Those expanses of mud and sand remind me of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, where the sea also disappears at low tide. :-)


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