Monday, 7 October 2013

Testing Blog Press from my phone

I've never been able to write my posts from my phone or iPad, at least I can write them but NOT add photos. So this is just a test to see if it works using an app called Blog Press.

This afternoon's walk which took us through the churchyard. The smell from this group of fungi was quite delicious

Not sure what these early berries on the holly signifies? Is it a bad winter forecast or just a warm autumn that has brought them on. I wonder!

Before I go I thought I'd just show you what my son's children painted and put up at the window yesterday. He'd just successfully run the London Royal Parks half marathon in 1hr 49mins and as you can imagine we were mighty proud of him. A warm up for the London marathon next April.

Well as I've said this is a test run from my phone. No idea if, or indeed how the pictures will turn out. So here goes as I push the publish button.

PS -  It looks like pictures are in the form of thumbnails. Not sure why but you can tap on them to make them larger.

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  1. It looks as though it has all turned out pretty ok - a bit of a bonus as it means you don't have to take your camera everywhere.

  2. Looks like all turned out well Patricia. I cant quite get the hang of our ipad so I'm still doing posts on the laptop.

  3. Your post looks fine. I wish I could work out how to post 'on the go'. Jx

  4. Your photos are great,as usual....and your post is very nice..
    Hugs Erna

  5. Looks good to me, Patricia and the photos enlarge beautifully. I don't have either a smartphone or an iPad, so am full of admiration for you. :-)

  6. That's what I use when I'm traveling.

  7. The post came out fine, Patricia. Another blog writing app you could try is Blogsy. I'm not sure if it works from an iPhone, but it does on an iPad. It is the blogging app I use when I am traveling.

  8. Looks fine, Patricia - a good way to do the '5 in 5' of your last post. I've worked out how to access my blog on my kindle but not how to put photos in it or even write a post on it - I'm so far behind with technology:)

  9. Aha, so that is what BlogPress is, Patricia. Well done, you have achieved a fine post with your IPhone. Now I am going to try being a copycat and see if I can do it too. Love the photo of holly with berries - Christmas is on the way!

  10. Congratulations to your son!!!! YAY!!!
    It really is hard to blog from a phone! Your post looks great though! Tammy xx

  11. I'm impressed with the phone stuff- it all seems very technical to me:) Well done to your son too:)

  12. Dear Patricia..
    Well done. You did it.
    I bought myself a tablet last week. All new to me this android stuff. I am slowly teaching myself and learning.
    this is what i bought if for.. I am not sure if you can only use blog press with i pads... !!
    I have a mac i know how the ipad works.. they are amazing.. all my kids have them..
    for now..this one will do. it has most things on it.
    Your photos came out fine.
    You can now be a travelling blogger ):-
    have fun..
    congratulations to your son.. nice drawing your grandchildren did for him.
    Thank you Patricia..for your kind comments over my blog..
    Happy Thursday..
    val x x x x

  13. The photos are fine and enlarge well. I like the church and lovely lychgate. It will be handy when you want to take a quick photo. when your camera is at home.
    Well done to your son. He must have been pleased to see that "Well Done" poster. The children would be so proud of Daddy.

  14. Photos look good, so well done! I've not reached the dizzy heights of ipads and super phones yet, stuck with hubs old one which is at least an upgrade from a dinosaur! x

  15. The photos have turned out great, I'm struggling to use my phone at all for blogging, even commenting although I think it's probably more of an eyesight issue!

  16. Hi Patricia! Here I am...the worst blogging friend in the world. I have been so busy with our house as we got a new floor and trying to handle a major problem in my quilt group that life online has had to slide. I have so much to catch up on. Have you been well? And life happy? I am going to read up on your posts. Your walk looks like it was lovely. Don't they say if the berries are plenty it is nature taking care of the birds for the hard coming winter?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  17. Hi Patricia, Well, I think it is cool that you can do this from your phone. Steve just got the latest iphone, from work, and he has been trying to learn all the buttons and gizmos. It is amazing what these phones can do, now days. My cell is as basic as they come, I don't use it much, but keep it for emergencies. One of these days I might up grade, I do appreciate all the many things that you can do on them. It is truly amazing.
    Well done :)
    Have a marvelous day,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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