Friday, 4 April 2014

A Year in Books

Linking up with Laura at Circle of Pine Trees who has organised this monthly book read.

The month of March just whizzed by and I didn't really find time to read my book Wedlock, other than fifteen minutes a night before dropping off to sleep! It was a good read and the author certainly did her research well. Being a biographical novel she obviously had to use some poetic licence with her storyline. Nevertheless it made very good reading and recommended by my sister Barbara.

It has always vexed me when watching TV costume dramas and historical films that an awful lot women were so badly treated by their husbands and society in general. It prompted me to find more about the lives of married women during the 18th and 17th centuries - for instance married women were not allowed to go to work.  In Georgian England Married women were barred by law from owning land and property or having their own source of income. Girls and women were effectively ruled by their fathers and then their husbands. They had no legal status at all. If a man wanted out of the marriage, he would quite often send his wife to an Asylum as a lunatic where she'd spend the rest of her days. If they were divorced, then he would have sole care of the children, even if they were the woman's children from a previous marriage. And so it goes on....... Needless to say this book ticked all the boxes and I now want to research the subject more.

So, April's book is a bit more of a modern read recommended by my sister Helen.
 The point of rescue by Sophie Hannan. 

Last year, a work trip Sally had planned was cancelled at the last minute. Desperate for a break from her busy life juggling her career and young family, Sally didn't tell her husband that the trip was cancelled but instead she booked a week off and treated herself to a secret holiday just wanting a bit of peace and some time to herself - but it didn't work out that way........

I don't know much about this author but I'll fill you in next month with the outcome.


I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who commented on my last post - I so enjoy reading your comments and appreciate them very much.

Have a wonderful weekend - we're off "Glamping" with our daughter and partner - watch this space!!

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend Glamping.
    I love the sound of Sally's adventure - it reminds me of one of my favourite books and authors: Elizabeth Berg - Pull of the Moon. Beautiful. I think you'd like it.

  2. the point of rescue sounds like it could be an entertaining read.

  3. Glad that you enjoyed your read, it sounds very interesting. Happy glamping!! xx

  4. Enjoy the glamping. I haven't read Sophie Hannah but I've heard great things about her books.

  5. This sounds like a great story, I'll look forward to hearing about the book when you've finished it. Have a great weekend, sounds like fun!

  6. Sounds like 'Wedlock' has prompted some interesting questions. Look forward to reading the results of your research sometime in the future maybe.
    Enjoy your time away 'Glamping' and your new book.
    Happy days.
    Betty ox

  7. These both sound really interesting books. Enjoy the Glamping :)

  8. That does look like an interesting book, Patricia, and I look forward to hearing more about it. It is certainly interesting the extent to which women were repressed in the 17th/18th/19th centuries, much worse I think than in medieval times. Vestiges of it have hung over into our lifetimes - my parents did not wish to invest money in educating daughters (me) but did everything they could to get their sons into University. No wonder I was keen on women's studies when I did finally make it to Uni :)

  9. Both books you mention sound fascinating, Patricia. Hope you enjoy your glamping:)

  10. Enjoy your Glamp, Patricia, and tell us all about it next time! Your book sounds interesting - I must look her up. xx

  11. I generally enjoy Sophie Hannah's books. I think I've read that one but not too sure. Hope you enjoy your glamping :-)

  12. I often look up history or facts as well after I have read something, I was educated twice this past week by reading the British Airways magazine "High Life"... oddly enough!! It's a shame that women were basically just property at one time, we sure have come a long long way!
    I hope you're having a fabulous weekend,
    Much love to you,
    Tammy x

  13. The new book sounds intriguing Patricia. Looking forward to reading more. Enjoy your glamping!

  14. How interesting, instead of go back home Sally has gone alone to holiday. Poor her husband, I'm sure he was not glad to know the truth....

  15. I hear you about women having no rights in older times. I have read several books by mystery writer Anne Perry where she explains how women were not allowed to become doctors and nurses were regarded as worse than maids. Actually, in many parts of the world, women still have no rights. Two days ago we went to a book signing – it was President Jimmy Carter signing his new book “A call to action: Women, Violence, Religion and Power.” I started it while we were waiting for him and his book looks very well researched. So we don’t have to go too far back to find that women still have an uphill battle to obtain complete equality.

  16. I've read a few Sophie Hannah books and loved them I hope you enjoy the book x


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