Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year new Shoots

Welcome to 2015 and here's to a happy and peaceful year ahead. I love keeping a diary and this morning opened up my new blank journal ready to start recording my musings and jottings - and lists, I love making lists. So - lots of plans to make - challenges to conquer and I guess some changes too in our household. Exciting times ahead - a bit like turning a new leaf.  I read this the other day - not sure where or by whom but liked the meaning behind it.

It's a new year. It's time to start again. Stop thinking about what you're
going to do and start doing it. It's time to live your life 
and be who you are.Forget about whatever happened last year 
and just move on. Take risks
and be yourself, you only have one life and it's time to 
make the most of it.

This morning I spotted these new daffodil shoots that had just emerged from beneath the soil.  Very early methinks but Mother Nature has a unique way of letting us know that all too soon the season will be changing - the evenings will start to draw out  -  and Spring is just around the corner.

Enjoy this first day of 2015

See you soon
Patricia x


  1. Happy New Year - I hope it's a good one for you :)
    I like the quotation at the start of your post!

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family Patricia x

  3. I'm hoping the garden will properly close down so I can put some manure on it!

  4. How true Patricia,
    Look ahead. Be positive..
    I had my youngest son filipe and girlfriend for lunch yesterday.. and Our toast for this coming year , was more or less the same.
    dont look back.. thing of good things.
    When i woke on New years eve morn.. I felt such a sense of happiness and of good things to come. Just like your write.. like a new leaf is turning over. Its a warm exciting feeling.
    Lets hope that this year will be good.
    love your bulbs already coming through.
    xx val

  5. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2015 xxx

  6. Ooh, I do love a good list too. And a good quote 😊 Happy New Year, lovely Pat - I hope 2015 is filled with wonder! Xx

  7. Hello Patricia

    I love your quote at the beginning it's so true. New shoots, with new beginnings and Spring just around
    the corner.

    Happy New Year.


  8. Lovely to see those new shoots and in today's sunshine we can imagine that Spring is the next season. I like the words you have added at the begining of the post - Happy New Year to you and yours , Patricia:)

  9. A Happy New Year to you too, Patricia! Like you, I love making lists and keep a diary, in one form or another each year. I've made no resolutions, but have a list (HA!) of things I want to do, or read, or get involved in, and also somethings I want to say goodbye to. New shoots, yes, I like that ! Lxxx

  10. Great quote... Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year :o) x

  11. The anticipation of Spring is something that I love. I can almost feel the sap rising when March arrives :)
    I have lots of shoots that have pieced the soil.....much to early really. We cannot change the weather......just enjoy the moment.

    Love the quote.

  12. Wonderfully inspiring Patricia! You are right, just do it! I hope you have a great year ahead! xx

  13. New year new start - I am not a list maker I find them too intimidating - I just like to go with the flow. I shall have to have a wander round the garden to see if anything is happening - I am definitely looking forward to spring that's for sure. Happy New Year Patricia - hope it's a good one for you.

  14. It's so good to see the new shoots appearing and to remind us that another gardening year has started. Sarah x

  15. Happy New Year! How nice to start it off with the daffodil shoots poking their heads up. I like the quote you included. There is one very unpleasant thing that happened to me last year, and this is a reminder that I just need to move on.

  16. A thought-provoking quotation. The autumn and winter have been mostly so mild that spring flowers must be tempted to show themselves, though I think winter still has a few things in store for us...


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