Friday, 27 February 2015

Five on Friday - February

I'm linking up with  Amy for this month's Five on Friday post so I thought I'd share some good moments of my February.

1. A trip to the Houses of Parliament - the Palace of Westminster organised by our local church. A fabulous day where we soaked up loads of history and learnt about all the ceremonial traditions of this amazing palace. We were able to walk around the House of Lords and visit their library/tea room/writing room but bcause it was a Wednesday and Prime Minister's Question Time was taking place we could not go into the Commons. However we went up into the viewing gallery later on and were able to witness a few political debates taking place. Fascinating!

2. When visiting friends in Berkshire recently we drove over to Hungerford a town well known for its abundance of antique centres and evidently featured occasionally on various TV antiques road shows. The walk down to the canal was pretty chilly - we'd already had some sleet and hail showers so didn't hang around for too long. A pot of steaming tea was most welcome in "The Rafters" in one antiques arcade.

3. A morning stroll the next morning saw us in the pretty village of Cookham where sunny skies greeted us. The River Thames always has a place in my heart - be it the narrow up river or wider down river where we live in Essex. Onwards to the village of Littlewick Green for lunch.

4. We belong to the Royal Horticultural Society and are lucky enough to live near RHS Hyde Hall, some 15 minutes away by car. We try to visit once a month and take in all that the changing seasons offer us. The colours are beautiful all year round and this is February's view.

5. Some quality fun time with two of our grandchildren on Saturday mornings occasionally.

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Have a great weekend

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  1. Five great things Patricia!! All of your visits sound really interesting and of course I am sure you enjoyed the time with your grandchildren. The link isn't working from your blog for some reason, nor from my blog to yours - but I will go and fix that in just a moment! - I will do a tutorial next week on this though. Don't worry about it! Thank you so much for joining in, I hope that you have a great weekend!! xx

  2. Loved it watching the photo's ,long long long time ago I went on a schooltrip to London 3 days ,your photo's brings memories ,you made beautiful collages and the saying is so right ,enjoy a good weekend

  3. Five lovely things and five lovely photo collages. I love the London one and the Cookham one too. Happy weekend:)

  4. Wow! Patricia, You pack a lot of things into your week. I love seeing photos of you beautiful country. If I could go anywhere abroad it would be the UK. Have a lovely week this week, too :)
    Connie :)

  5. Wow, Patricia Five brilliant and wonderful photo collages. A visit to Westminster how thrilling.
    Thank you for sharing your photos with us.


  6. Lovely post as always 😊 Your trips always sound fab. Did you watch the "Inside the Commons" series on BBC2? It was very interesting, I'd love to do the tour someday. Btw, if you two fancy a little weekend getaway to Stratford upon Avon, we're having a little bloggy meet up in April? Details on my blog or drop me an email if you're keen. Amy's coming too 😊
    Happy weekend!

  7. Looks good. Looks busy. I had heard that there was a new Visit Parliament attraction with audio-guides. Did you get the audio-guides? Having said that, My son went whilst he was at primary school. 7/8/9 years ago. Gordon brown was prime minister and they saw him, fleetingly.

  8. Looks like you had a very busy and interesting February!! Cookham looks a lovely place as does RHS Hyde Hall!! Must pop down that way at some point :)

  9. A lovely bunch of day trips, Patricia. The Houses of Parliament at Westminster would appeal greatly to me; so historic and the architecture is memorable. So nice to see your grandies :)

  10. Lovely post. Especially the Cookhzm section. I used to live there and be the local school teacher too.

  11. Nice group of trips. Hungerford is one of our favorite places to antique shop when we go to England.

  12. You have been very busy, Patricia! I'm always envious of all the interesting places you have near you. I'm sure that spending time with your grandchildren tops all of them though! :-)

  13. What a great post for Five on Friday!xx

  14. What an interesting post, Patricia. You obviously had a very enjoyable February. :-) I love the collages of photos and would be grateful if you could tell me how you did them.


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