Monday, 8 October 2012

A taste of France...

It's taken a whole week to get back to some kind of normality after our trip to France. Our feet haven't touched the ground since we got back and the week has flown by. Anyway here's  a taster of our stay in Provence.

We stayed in Avignon a beautiful and fascinating city known to be the cultural heart of the Provence region. The Palace du Papes was the headquarters of the Catholic Church from 1309. The building's heavy fortification reflects the violent nature of 14th century religious life.

Visiting The Luberon area was a delight - this regional nature park which is known to be one of the most appealing areas of Provence with its limestone cliffs, river-hewn gorges, rugged peaks and rustic villages, was the inspiration for Richard Mayle's 'A Year in Provence'

I love the street life in France where markets are held regularly and pavement cafes are in abundance. Two in particular were Arles and Uzes.

How lovely to be able to buy your fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses and meat from the local market. We don't have anything like that locally except perhaps for Borough Market in Southwark.


I do love an Antique Shop - and this is something that the French do well - many village streets were lined with shops and stalls selling all manner of vintage goods.

We were very lucky with our weather, the sun shining most of the time, so we were able
 to indulge in quite a lot of Alfresco dining - just heaven.

I hope you've enjoyed this little taster - no pun intended - and I'll continue with more of our travels in a day or two.

Bye for now


  1. What delights France have to offer Patricia,
    How I adore the saturday morning village markets.
    I do not know the area where you went.
    I know the area of le tarn. in the south..
    Your holiday sounds delightful and the food looks delicious.
    so pleased the weather was good for you.
    happy monday

  2. I long to go and see the street markets and stalls, they look so good. Do you speak French? I don't and am not sure how I'd get on trying to buy things. x

  3. Everything looks so wonderful. I love your photos of the street markets and the ancient palace in Avignon:)

  4. Beautiful photos of France Patricia. Everything in that market looks so fresh and appetising, and the old shops are lovely. I remember as a child going to the local shops and they'd use scales just like that one in one of your photos.

    The food loooks delicious too, I love mussels and fresh fish. That looks like sardines on your last photo, am I right?

  5. France looks a gorgeous place, its somewhere I have never been but would love to visit. Love the little antique shops, did you get any bargains?

  6. Oh you made me envious ,I love france! Lovely post and photos. Good luck with you're studies too!

  7. Oh it looks wonderful Patricia - so glad you had a lovely time. Do you think you could fit me in your suitcase if you go again I have never been to France for a holiday.

  8. I feel as if I have been in France too looking at your photos.
    Sarah x


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