Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Scavenger Hunt

This is my first time Scavenger Hunting and here are my pictures:

I love clouds in all shapes and sizes and they're so fluffy

2. 2
Two newly acquired ducks for the garden awaiting a coat of varnish to keep them from the elements

3. Blur
I was struggling with this one but when taking a photo of a some boats on the water (just above the rooftops) they seemed to get lost in the photo whereas through the naked eye all was fine.

4. In Season
This was taken at a farm shop on a trip out last weekend near Tiptree in Essex

5.In my bathroom
Made these Roman blinds with some lovely Cath Kidston fabric and consequently the recently decorated bathroom had to be planned around this colour scheme

6. Mess
In my garage - enough said!

7. Information
This was taken on a recent trip to Notting Hill in a wonderful French Bakery/coffee shop. My French grandparents owned their own Boulanger shop in Valenciennes in 1889 and so I simply had to take this.

8. Company
This is a bit cheeky I know, but my daughter has just set up her own online shop called Heartfelt Company where she sells shabby chic and vintage pieces http://www.heartfeltcompany.co.uk

9. Warning
Couldn't resist this one at a restaurant recently

10. Odd

This old signpost seems to have lost its sense of direction!

11. In the distance
Hadleigh Castle on the Benfleet Downs, Essex 

12. Entrance

This restaurant was a conversion of an old building which housed some public toilets along Southend seafront - hence its name. Have eaten there and it's divine.

Have enjoyed doing this Scavenger Hunt and look forward to February's list.


  1. Glad you decided to join in the Scavenger Hunt this month, Patricia. You've taken some lovely photos! Like your 'soft' and 'in season' as well as 'information' and 'warning' :)

  2. Great photos, especially the warning! I like in season too.

  3. What lovely pictures and what a good idea!

  4. As an Essex girl i can relate to the places where you took your photos. The farm shop in Tiptree is only a few miles from where i live in Hatfield Peverel. Happy Blogging........xx

  5. Great photos like the in seson one and in the distance ones.

  6. I really like the warning one. Lovely photos. Well done.

  7. Thankyou to everyone for all your lovely comments, they mean a lot.

  8. Great photos. Like you I love cloud gazing so I really ilked your first photo other favourites were In the distance and Warning.


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