Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Inspired to make something..

Inspired by some of the beautiful creations people have made I decided that I would like to make something myself.  I headed into town on Saturday and bought a couple of magazines, both of which you probably know about already.

The Mollie Makes mag found me pouring over all the lovely vintage and shabby chic articles giving me lots of ideas for home decor as much as anything, whereas the Handmade Living has a selection of all kinds of things including crafts, recipes, gardening, art etc. I've been into lots of  fabric websites and am absolutely amazed at just how much is out there. Can't wait to get going now.

In a previous post I mentioned that I had completed a two year City & Guilds course called Family Heirlooms which not only covered history of my favourite Victorian era including social history, gardening history, music halls, photography to name but a few, but also taught us the art of making Victorian crafts.  Here are two of the many projects learnt.

This Suffolk Puff doll was a cutie and one of my favourite projects although not an easy task making all those Suffolk puffs (54 in all) for her arms, torso and legs, but I found it particularly absorbing and very satisfying.

Then I had a go at something called Somerset patchwork and used my small sample to top a textured box which was made from handmade paper and which I painted with emulsion. I lined the box and lid with wadding covered with Toile de Jouy fabric and then glued my patchwork onto the top of the lid. I then made a cord from embroidery silk and glued this around the patchwork. Using some scraps of fabric I made a lavender bag scissor keeper and a needle case.

Looking at my portfolio of work has now given me an extra incentive to make a start. So, with a bit of luck I may attempt something soon, although I have to get a rather nasty essay out of the way first, this space.


  1. Wow - I love your doll and your box! They are both so pretty! Good luck with the essay. Jx

  2. Your makes look fab! I love the idea of a suffolk puff doll. x

  3. Just to let you know that I am passing the 'Versatile Blogger' Award on to you - it is for a recently discovered blog that you thoroughly enjoy reading. Pop over to my blog at for more details. Congratulations on an entertaining blog.

    1. Thank you so much for that Elaine I really do appreciate it. It's lovely when you get feedback on what's been written. I have been over to your lovely blog 'a woman of the soil' and noted what to do. I'm off out now but will get on to it tomorrow. After I've chosen my candidates (two are on your list as well)and given a plotted history of me, how then do I 'claim' my Award so to speak. Many thanks again.

  4. Wow, you are a clever lady, I love the doll.My granddaughters would love her!

  5. What super things you have made. The Suffolk puff doll is lovely I can imagine that it took a great deal of patience to make all the puffs but so satisfying to see the final result - she will be a family heirloom, I'm sure:)

  6. Hi Patricia! I just blogged about getting my first Mollie Makes issue but it is not the same as this one. Am I behind on one? I love it and am glad I took the plunge to subscribe. The Handmade Living looks really interesting. I have never seen this one here in Holland. I see the magazines inspire you to some beautiful finishes.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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