Friday, 19 April 2013

Crafty or what?

Thank you so much for your recent comments and good luck wishes which really were a confidence booster. This is what I love about blogging - so many new friends who are always there for you no matter what.

A small diversion this afternoon - a trip to the supermarket and before you say "oh no not again" yes I did indeed buy another magazine. A little bit of light reading is what I need right now and this certainly fits the bill.

A lovely new Craft magazine from Prima called Spring Makes

and it's packed full of lovely ideas of things to make for the home

I love this trug adorned with hearts and ribbons which I'm definitely going to do for my sewing/crafting room

and these painted cans are gorgeous 

I like this novel pin cushion storage jar too and so easy to make

Finally, if anyone saw my soon to be started crochet project the Camellia blanket that I told you about recently well the pattern is also in the magazine.

A good all round magazine which I intend reading from cover to cover.


I'll leave you with a few photos of our regular crafty garden visitors - 
all on a look out for food

 Mr and Mrs Squirrel

just checking that no-one's looking


Then there's the ever so sly Mr Fox - crafty but so cute with it. 
One of two that visit our garden regularly during the day and a joy to watch

Have a great weekend and I'll catch up with you all soon


  1. Love the squirrel and fox photos - stunning. That one of the squirrel holding onto the feeder with its paw is fab. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a very relaxed post to start my Saturday with..Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful weekend..

  3. This post definitely has the aahh factor for me Patricia.I love the fox.I think they are beautiful creatures, so too the squirrels.Both are seen as pests and scavengers but I personally love to see them about.Thank you for the lovely message you left me on my blog.The words of support from blog friends really do boost you. It was my son's family's leaving do last night and its only 2 weeks tomorrow to their emigration.I enjoyed it but when he gave me a bouquet of flowers at the end of the night I shed a few tears.Still a bit teary today but then I guess I will be for a while yet.Thanks anyway, it did mean a lot.P.S. I think my email address is on my blog somewhere! XXAnne

  4. Hello, just came over from Patricia Red Cardinal and discovered your blog ; it is lovely. I had squirrels too in my garden when I lived in London, but never had a fox ! The squirrels would gather the nuts that were left outside by my neighbour and bury them at my place ; we never see any in France and when I took my students to London, they took more pictures of these "exotic" animals than of the monuments !xo

    1. Sorry to pop in and interrupt, Patricia. Dear Silver Bunny, I tried to leave a comment on your lovely new post, but Blogger would not let me in! Maybe it will tomorrow, given the vagaries of blogdom. Just wanted to let you know I tried :) P.Red Cardinal

  5. I love to look at those magazines and wish that I was clever enough to make the things they show. Love the squirrel and fox photos. We have squirrels in our garden and we see the occasional fox and our next door neighbours have seen badgers. I know that foxes and squirrels are seen as pests but I love to see them:)

  6. Of course there are no squirrels in Australia, so I love to watch them when in England or Canada. Your photos are great, such fun little creatures. And the fox is beautiful, such lovely fur. I can see lots of fun to be found in that magazine - great find!

  7. Lovely garden visitors :)

    I'm glad that you can escape with some light reading in the final weeks of your course. I never could, I just stressed and stressed and saved all my light reading for a time when I wouldn't have to put down a book and come back to the reality of essays!

  8. Love that crafting book, its a must on my shopping list. Not sure about your garden visitors though, but the photos are amazing ....xx

  9. I love your animal photos and that magazine looks full of good ideas. I go to a weekly craft afternoon when we're in France and for Christmas one year we were all given one of those pin-cushion storage jars with a matching needle-and-pin case and other goodies inside. It is SO useful and pretty too.

  10. Wonderful animal photos! So cute. :) I like the magazine. I wonder if i can find it here?

  11. I really like the photo of the fox, we have a regular visitor too but I've never managed a decent photo of him.

  12. Such lovely photos :) Thanks for the tip about the magazine too - I text my mum when I saw this post and she's going to hunt it down for me and keep it to one side for me until my next trip back to the UK :) xx

  13. Lovely animal photos Patricia. The mag looks great too :)

  14. You will have to show us some of your makes! Love that photo of crafty Mr Fox


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