Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Saying goodbye to January

February, for me this year is the new January! To say that January was a bad month is an understatement. I won't go into the finer details but suffice it to say I'm quite glad it's behind me now.

So, I don't as a rule make resolutions but this is the year that the hubster and I reach a certain age ending with a 0.  I've decided, in view of recent happenings and events that life is too short for faffing around and not doing anything positive. No I'm not going to do a wing walk or jump out of an aeroplane, in fact as yet I haven't thought of anything that could be that adventurous but .... who knows?

 Happy February friends
Spring is on the way!!


  1. I'm happy to see January gone, too . . . we have had the coldest winter in many years and I'm just wishing for weather that would actually warm my old cold bones :)

  2. Hi Patricia,
    Glad to know that February means a new start and that adventures lie ahead this year.
    I love those golden daffodils. Always herald the beginning of Spring and the promise of warmer days.
    Take care. Betty

  3. So sorry to hear January was a downer for you. May the pretty yellow daffodils bring Spring and happiness to you and yours. Can't wait to see what adventures you have next.

  4. Likewise, sorry to hear that January hasn't been a good month for you. I'm getting frighteningly close to the big 7 0 - next year, so my word for this year is "adventure" and I aim to have as much fun as is humanly possible. Hope you find some adventure to enjoy too x x

  5. Hope you have a great February and a great 0 year too!

  6. I hope February is better and kinder for you. And yes, Spring is on the way. Yay!!

  7. You're l00? Wow - does the Queen still give out birthday letters to those turning 100? Just joking, of course! Actually not joking about the Queen's birthday letters. I know she did earlier on - even here in Canada (and no I didn't get mine yet. LOL - still have a ways to go.)

    Time to march ahead and plan something positive to chase away those January blues. February is still cold here, but I think where you are, spring flowers may be popping up soon? Take that as a good sign and hope February proves to be a much better month for you.

    Have a good week!


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