Friday, 3 February 2017

Journals and Journalling

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my last post - cheered me up no end.

I make my own journals and notebooks. I love making them and get a lot of pleasure from this hobby. The time has come for me to now actually write in more of these journals. They're no good just sitting on the shelf looking pretty. So I've started keeping a journal - not necessarily daily - more a place to keep my thoughts and jots, and a few drawings and quotations I've found along the way.

The one on the bottom of this pile is my Christmas journal, where I keep lists of gifts given yearly, things to do, places I've been, meals I've cooked and such like.

The next one up is my Commonplace book. Here I jot down quotes or poems I've heard or read by famous people, authors, actors etc. If any of you watch First Dates on the tv, I even jot down the love and life quotes that Fred the Maitre d' and restaurant manager often says.

The third one up is the book I take to church to keep notes of the Sermon and any bible scriptures I've enjoyed.

The brown leather book is my travel notebook, which I lined with a map of the area where I live. Useful for days out and holidays - a sketch or poem recalling where I've been - to the beach - countryside - places of interest etc.

The ones on top are waiting for a suitable theme to be catered for and I have a few ideas waiting in the wings.

Bullet journals (bujos) and planners seem to be the thing of the moment (although why I'd want to plan and bullet when I mop the floor, clean the microwave and put the laundry on I'll never know)  but I can see that this format must suit a lot of people who lead busy lives.

So, for the moment at least, I'm quite happy just pootling along with my mutterings and jottings and occasional sketches - it keeps me happy.

Have a great weekend.
P x


  1. Having your thoughts and adventures down in writing is a wonderful way to remember and I think as we get older a marvelous way to recall and keep us sharp. I think of a day when I'm long gone from this earth and my granddaughters go through my journals and learn more about my life and seeing the traits that we have in common :) Things that genes bring out in our personalities that generations of time can not erase. Wouldn't you love to read your grandmother's journals? I have some of my Mama's and I love them:)

  2. That's a lovely hobby... I'd love to have the discipline to write things down regularly. Jx

  3. What beautiful journals you have made. I have never been a journal writer, but love your list of things to journal about. Attempts have been made to start a health and wellness journal, but after a few days I tend to forget about it. Perhaps I need a more interesting theme? Enjoy your writing, and making your lovely journals.

  4. What a great idea! I especially like the Christmas journal, as I often forget what I've given who (or whom?). I have started writing down what works and what doesn't (for Christmas dinner at my house), but even that changes from year to year, so doesn't really make sense any more (i.e. make sure the kids eat some turkey before they're allowed the chips and other junky stuff or don't bother making mashed potatoes in the day before and re-heating as nobody likes it that way - but then one year, I put sour cream and onions in the potatoes and the adults liked it but not the kids) You get the picture.

    I love your daffodils! So welcome and spring-like on a snowy day here in Canada!

  5. Patricia, you're so organized! Love your journals, especially your brown leather book, because it contains your own impressions, feelings, opinions, not only photos, as I have.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, Nadezda


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