Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cutting back and throwing out!

Hubby has elected to start working a four day week ahead of his eventual retirement in a year or two, so I decided I would start the year by budgeting my weekly food shop and cutting back on unnecessary items, having seen one or two of your pages on frugal living. I planned all my meals for the next two weeks and made a note what was in the freezer and went to my local supermarket armed with a strict list of what was required. So far so good. I stuck to my list for the first few aisles (fruit and veg) after which things started to go downhill. I could be tempted with that over there, and I really do need this here etc etc. I think we've all been there! Anyway, at the checkout I was quite heartened with my efforts and managed to save a good £20 on my shop, even though there were a few 'extras' that I didn't really need.

On returning home, and in the middle of putting the shopping away, I don't know why but I decided to give my food cupboards a bit of a spring clean and throw out anything redundant or nearly at the bottom of the jar etc. Well, if you could have seen the stuff that I cleared out - I am embarrassed to say I filled a black bin bag comprising almost empty packets of pasta; ketchup and sauces with just a squirt left,  not to mention the out of date jars of Chinese sauce mixes and bottles of wine vinegar that were only used for one particular recipe. I couldn't believe what was lurking at the back of the cupboards. Tins and jars that were well past their sell by date - it just goes on.

This exercise has certainly confirmed my need to start economising and buying exactly what I want. Now I'm beginning to feel guilty and perhaps I will save up all those nearly empty pasta packs albeit different shapes and sizes,  or even retrieve the ones just thrown out!


  1. Being economical when visiting a supermarket is very hard - especially when you see special offers etc. My food cupboards and the freezer are heaving(just in case the weather turns bad and we have to exist for a couple of days without being able to get to the shops. I mean, honestly, who am I kidding. Do I really need five different types of vinegar?

  2. Don't beat yourself up too much, got to start somewhere and the more you practise it, the better you will get. Our weekly challenge (beginning 24th Jan) is to live on £30 food and toiletries per week for the 2 of us (excluding our weekly walk snack). Not sure it can be done because of the cost of toiletries but am giving it a go. Even if I have to up the money to £35 that will still be good.


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