Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Springing forward...

Looking forward to Spring now after a dreary and bitterly cold few weeks/months. My favourite season has always been Autumn but I'm beginning to relish the thought of some warmer weather - March is only three and a bit weeks away now so onwards and upwards.
Talking of which, it was a year ago in March that I was here last - how time flies! As per usual I really do intend being here more often, well at least weekly to begin with. 

I've been enjoying crafting this last year - more so than ever before. 

I'm still paper crafting and making journals and more recently have been practicing the art of Modern Calligraphy using a dip pen and ink. When I say practicing - I mean practicing and they say that it does make for perfect.  We'll see!  I've been writing a bit of poetry too, as well as some quotes - I do love a quote.

I still enjoy my cooking.  I've been doing a lot of batch cooking for the freezer recently. I find it so handy always being able to put my hands on a ready made meal if we've been out for the day or been busy in the garden.

So that was a quick update on the comings and goings in my life.  More to come.

"Today's dreams are tomorrow's creations" 

See you soon and take care
 P x


  1. Patricia, it's great to see you back blogging. Your Calligraphy and your meals look wonderful :)
    Connie :)

    1. Thank you so much Connie. It’s good to be back XX

  2. Oh how lovely to see you here Patricia. Your journals are always so exquisite, and I love the blue bird and your calligraphic writing. How talented your are! I have never tried batch cooking, but seeing your trays laid out that way does make it encouraging. xx

  3. Thank you Trish. It’s lovely to be back. I’ll pop over to your blog to see what you’ve been up to in my absence. x

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