Monday, 16 January 2012

An unplanned walk around Palm trees

First of all a welcome to my new follower Jan

This weekend found us walking around Priory Park in Southend more by accident than design. We had ordered something from John Lewis to be delivered to our local Waitrose store and had to pass the park on the way. The day was beautiful and too good an opportunity to miss out on a walk. You could almost be fooled into thinking that this photo was taken abroad somewhere instead of a chilly January afternoon in England!

The park has many features including a fishing lake where several lads were braving the weather in the hope of catching something - hope it was worth it!

There are many wooded areas for nature-watching or picnics in the summer 

The formal gardens surround the old Priory which dates back to around 1100

The gardens were beginning to look like Spring maybe coming. Buds were appearing

bulbs arising and the wallflowers waiting for warmer days. Many flowering shrubs were starting to flower already. Have no idea what this shrub is. From a distance it looks like a Christmas rose? but pretty all the same.

After our walk we picked up our order and made for home and as it was 4pm it was obvious that there was going to be lovely sunset, so headed for our favourite haunt,  Leigh on Sea, just making it before the sun went down.

It was so worth the detour with such spectacular views as this

A bit further along, and only just capturing the last of the sun I decided to take one last picture which was of Hadleigh Castle which you can just about see the outline of in the distance.

What started out as an uneventful trip to the shops turned into an pleasant couple of hours in the fresh air.


  1. Those are beautiful sunset pics! Thank you for your welcome. All the best, Jx

  2. How lovely that you have so many nice places to visit so near to home - beautiful sunset piccies.

  3. Your first photo does look very warm and spring like. Your sunset photos are stunning:)

  4. Looks beautiful, spring is just around the corner!


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