Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Collecting and reflecting

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We have promised ourselves that during the summer months we are going to attack our loft hoping to dispose of the many items of household 'rubbish' that have been stored away and been forgotten in the depths of time. To my knowledge there is a large collection of our children's toys (they are now 38 and 36 years old) and clothes (why?).  Old vinyl singles, EPs and LPs (which will never be played again) as well as numerous table lamps (dated), suitcases (full of toot) and no end of boxes of stuff that we 'just couldn't throw away' including old dinner sets, saucepans, cassette players etc - you name it, we have stored it.  But no more - enough is enough and it's all going - either to the tip, the charity shop or a boot sale.

That being so, I recently came across a selection of Coronation mugs that I'd been collecting over the years and simply would never throw out. They were hidden away in a box in our garage of all places. Anyway with the Queen's forthcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations I couldn't resist sharing them with you.

Firstly Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee mug - it does look a bit sorry for itself
but it is 115 years old after all. Victoria was crowned on 28 June 1838

I love the 'all round' depiction of Victoria's reign as both Queen and Empress
Unfortunately I don't have a mug of Edward Vll's Coronation - (yet!)

Next came the Coronation of  King George V and his Queen Mary of Teck
who were crowned on 22 June 1911

Then came the 'King that never was' Edward Vlll
whose Coronation should have been in May 1937,  but of course his abdication
 meant that he was never crowned and he subsequently married Wallis Simpson.

Edward's brother George Vl stepped in and was crowned on 12 May 1937
alongside his Queen - Elizabeth Bowes Lyon

Finally, last but not least our own Queen Elizabeth
who came to the throne 60 years ago and whose
 Coronation took place on 2nd June 1953

(This was my mug given to me as a VERY young child!!)

We are planning to go to London to see the Jubilee Flotilla on the Thames and then indulge in a few family barbecues over that weekend. What will you be doing to celebrate?


  1. My mum and dad have got some of those cups.I have been looking today at some Emma Bridgewater ones but they were over £20 and I think that is a bit pricey.They are lovely and I love Emma Bridgewater but I cant afford to spend that at the moment!
    I hope you do well sorting out your loft space.We had a good clear out when we moved house two years ago.

    1. Thanks Anne. I'm not really looking forward to clearing the loft but it has to be done. I like Emma Bridgewater too.

  2. Love your royal memorabilia - definitely a keeper. We have to clear our loft out next week as we are having some insulation installed - dread to think what's up there - reckon a trip to the tip is looming. Our village is having all sorts of celebration planned - should be good fun.

  3. Interesting collection of mugs, I confess that I have no plans to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee although I'm very much a Royalist and greatly admire the Queen's devotion to her role over the last 60 years. I think there are things going on in the village so may join in with something when the day comes.

  4. What a great collection. Will you now bring them inside and display them in the house? It will be fun to go to London to see the celebrations. Enjoy!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. Be careful what you throw away, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure. We have been amazed what we have sold on Ebay, things my OH thought would never sell. Sure, sometimes we have only got a few pounds after postage but he has re-invested this in something else which we know we'll be able to sell later in life. Other things have gone off to the charity shops and some things are waiting to be decided upon.

  6. Good luck with the sorting. We did ours a couple of years ago and I'm sure the house sighed with relief as it felt lighter!
    Great collection you have there. In Southampton we are having a display by the Red Arrows when the three Queen liners are in port together.
    Lisa x

  7. It's amazing how much "stuff" we hang on to isn't it. I'm itching to clear out my girls' rooms, but as they're still students they've got nowhere to put everythng yet! xx


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