Monday, 5 March 2012

Liebster Award

I am thrilled to have been given this award by Tracy at Depth of Field. For anyone that doesn't know, the Liebster award is given to inspirational blogs with less than 200 followers.

Liebster is a German word meaning dearest or favourite and the tradition is that I would pass on the award to 5 other blogs that have encouraged, inspired and motivated me. To accept the award here's what you need to do.

1. Thank the person who awarded you the Award
2. Link back to that person
3. Post award on your blog
4. Pass on to five of your most valued blogs with less than 200 followers
5. Leave  a comment on those five bloggers' posts to let them know

Please don't feel it's compulsory to take part - it's just a bit of fun.

Here are my five nominees Rosie, Rowan, Anne, Gilly and Streetcomber, all of whom have given me inspiration in the contents of their blogs - with their photographs, finds, makes, cooking, gardens and so much more.


Winds of change

Corners of my mind

Circle of the year

Auntie Anne's extremely useful stuff

It just leaves me to thank Tracy for giving me the Liebster Award and a thank you to those who enjoy reading my blog.


  1. Thank you for the award Patricia, I'm very flattered to be nominated.

  2. Hi Patricia it was a pleasure to send the award your way, I hope this post means that you have completed your huge essay until the next one!!!! Have a great evening x

    1. Yes Tracy it's gone and such a relief - now I can start blogging again! Enjoy your evening too.

  3. Thank you so much, Patricia, how kind of you to think of me:)


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