Saturday, 24 March 2012

Summertime begins

What a glorious day its been and whilst I was at my tutorial this afternoon Mr M has been pottering about outside and with a little bit of tidying up the garden is starting to look good again. Can't wait to start putting in some bedding plants and filling up the baskets and tubs, so with Easter not too far away that'll be the time to do it. Hopefully, weather permitting we can get the barbecue out again and sooner rather than later.

It won't be long now before the Clematis starts to shoot its way across the pergola - its so lovely but doesn't last for long though

My summerhouse needs a coat of paint on the inside and am thinking of duck egg blue or perhaps birch. Hope to get on to it soon, time permitting and I'm hoping to re-vamp the look. I have a few ideas in mind. I just love sitting relaxing out there, it's my little bolt hole where I can just do as I please (not that I can't indoors, but you know what I mean).

We've only got a small garden but when everything is in flower and the sun is shining, we love it.So with summertime beginning tomorrow looking forward to some lighter evenings and the chance to spend more time outside.


  1. You have a beautiful garden, pretty planting and lovely places to sit and relax, especially the summerhouse.
    Lisa x

  2. The weather has been gorgeous it's great to be outdoors again isn't it having a potter round - just hope it lasts a bit longer.

  3. Hasn't it been a lovely day for pottering in the garden? You have a very attractive garden and I like your summer house:)

  4. Your garden looks really nice. I think we are all looking forward to the longer Spring and Summer days:)

  5. Can't quite tell the size of your garden but it looks very nice. I think ours might be a similar size but is very utilitarian now, designed to grow vegetables and fruit but still some flowers. No grass so relatively easy to maintain.

  6. What a lovely garden you have! I especially love your summer house :) Lets hope for some long summer days this year! xx

  7. Your garden looks absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.I am so glad fashions change arent you ?
    If you ever find the photo of the sanderson prints it would be great if you did a post about it.Maybe we could all post our old pics with decorating faux pas? (not that we thought that at the time though!)

  8. wow, your garden is beautiful...i wish i own a big place and dream of having a garden with lots of plant.


  9. Your garden is lovely! Thanks for your nice comments about my photos. The "Frames" are from Picnik, but they are closing down shop and going away in less than a month. :-( I'm really sad about that, because the frame and the font are the thing that have given my blog photos their unique look for the last year or so. I am busy looking for a new option.

  10. We too have a small garden and I loved being able to peek into yours. How fun to have the little garden hut all to yourself. I hope you will share photos of it when you get it done. Oh how I would love to have something like that. At least my studio looks out into the garden here. All the primroses looks to pretty in your planters. We have some too but they never last long enough, do they?

    Spring has been more like summer here but it is changing as of today. We do need rain though as there have been several fires spontaneously starting in the heather fields. I even have been creating spring inside with a bird display which I just shared on my blog.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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