Sunday, 15 April 2012

Peace and quiet??

I'd like firstly to welcome my new followers - A Garden of Daisies, Homemade Life, Saphy76 and Little Miss Maggie - it's lovely to 'meet' you and hope you enjoy reading my blog.

It's been a busy and stressful couple of weeks here, firstly I had to get a pig of an essay out which eventually went a week later than it should have and secondly Hubby had to go into hospital for an operation on Tuesday and is now convalescing at home for the next two weeks before returning to work. That being so, concentration and motivation has been all over the place but now I'm looking forward to a bit of 'me' time and get back to posting.

Our last walk before Easter took us to visit a local beauty spot known as Hadleigh Countryside Park.

This whole area overlooks the Thames and the Kent coastline - of course today was not the best of weather so could not to be seen I'm afraid.

It's such a peaceful place and a lovely spot for picnics and family days out in the summer

The main attraction is what is left of Hadleigh Castle which has overlooked the Thames from its hilltop site since the early13th century. English Heritage look after the castle now.

The farm land surrounding the area is owned by the Salvation Army. William Booth their founder bought Hadleigh Farm in 1890 so that he could give the poor and destitute
 from the slums of London a chance to train and learn new skills in farming.

A Farm Colony was formed and by 1891 there were over 200 colonists living on the site. 
Today the farm comprises an employment training centre for people with learning difficulties, a farm and rare breeds centre, a monthly farmers' market and some tearooms which are open to the public.

To reach the castle and surrounding farmland you have to walk down a very quiet leafy lane edged with hedgerows and wild flowers and the odd sheep bah-ing and horses neigh-ing - you get the drift...

our peaceful and pretty beauty spot is about to be shattered with the arrival of

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Mountain biking events.

"The venue is located in the shadow of the 700 year old Hadleigh Castle and overlooks the Thames Estuary, providing a stunning backdrop for what will undoubtedly become one of the most thrilling of the 2012 Games.

The venue facilities will host 20,000 visitors per day during the London 2012 Events with each spectator gaining an excellent view of the action in the open farmland setting."

Quoted from the official Olympic website.

What more can I say?!!

and to top it all - we couldn't even get any tickets!!!!


  1. Hi Patricia it looks really beautiful.I wondered where you were on the blogosphere! Glad you are back and hope your hubby gets well soon.

  2. My goodness, all those people in your lovely peaceful country park! It looks so lovely now. I hope you hubby feels well again soon:)

  3. thank you for your kind comment on my first fair. About the same here in Weymouth for the Olympics, no tickets, no parking and charging to look from a beauty spot! Julie xxx

  4. Hope your husband recovers quickly from his operation. As for your local beauty spot - a place best avoided until the Olympics are over I should think!


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