Friday, 27 July 2012

Return to blogland - return to Stratford

I just want to say thank you to all who sent such lovely messages regarding the eye surgery I had eleven days ago. Your kind thoughts and good wishes meant such a lot and helped me get through what was a very daunting and frustrating time. I won't go into details but some have asked why I had to posture 'face down'. Well at the end of the surgery I had to have a gas bubble inserted into my eye which when facing down helps to heal the hole in my macular.

Although I have finished my posturing, the gas bubble will very gradually disappear over the next 8-10 weeks during which time I am virtually blind in that eye until the bubble goes away.  Driving and trips out on my own are a definite no no for the time being.

Anyway enough of that. I have tried to keep up with all your lovely posts and apologise if I have missed anything.

I don't know if anyone remembers that in January we went on a lovely walk through the East End of London which took us to the Olympic site. A pretty walk which took us along the towpaths of the local canals which you can find here

It was lovely to view at such close quarters but as it was still a bit of a building site, I really wanted to see it now that it's been landscaped and planted with trees, plants etc. especially with the run up to tonight's Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Well,  for my first trip out Hubby took me on the same walk. We are only about 30 miles from Stratford by train and the weather was fine so anticipated getting a spectacular view.

Not so, everything in East London around the Olympic Park is closed to traffic, closed to the public, walkways were diverted, security guards and police patrolling the roads,  barbed wire fencing and electric fencing barracaded all possible areas leading up to the site!

So - this was the closest we could get to the park and not a tree or plant in sight! It was such a disappointment which left us feeling pretty disgruntled.

However, the part of the walk we did manage to do was still enjoyable. This enormous replica of the Olympic torch was a total surprise and towers over the surrounding area.

And we found some lovely old building tucked away around corners and alongside
the canals near Stratford

Including this original Custom House which dates back to the 19th century

And of course I couldn't forget about my favourite Lock keeper's cottage

Looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremony tonight - a once in a lifetime event not to be missed and if you're watching - enjoy it too.

By for now
Patricia x


  1. Hi Patricia,

    I'm glad you're on your way to a full recovery. What a shame you couldn't get closer to the Olympic Park, do you know why that was? Was there still some work going on?

    Your photos of Stratford are lovely.

  2. Glad you are getting back to normal, Patricia - the whole process sounds like quite an ordeal to go through. What a shame you couldn't get any closer this time - the giant torch looks amazing and I love all the old houses you found nearby:)

  3. Glad your surgery went okay Patricia - fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. I did watch the opening ceremony - well most of it - too tired to watch it all in one go - so recorded the rest - I thought it was pretty spectacular. The Stratford area looks really nice I understand that some of the site was regarded as a wasteland but in fact was a great wildlife habitat - it will never be the same again.


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