Saturday, 22 September 2012

Auntie Rosa's Chicken Crunch recipe

A couple of weeks ago my sisters and I visited our much loved Auntie and Uncle (my late mum's brother Jack and his wife). They live near Lymington on the edge of the New Forest in a gorgeous bungalow with a wonderful garden.

The sort of garden that I'd love - with little hidey holes and paths leading to secret places


and ponds,  and seats tucked away in corners

 and apple trees you can sit under when it's too sunny

a garden filled with all kinds of insects -  bees, dragon flies and
butterflies - this beautiful one was hovering around us all afternoon

Ooh it was heaven - well a girl can dream can't she!
Anyway back to the title of my blog. Auntie Rosa is an excellent cook and over the years we have revelled in the delights of her cakes and bakes, with many a recipe hastily written out before departing for home. This is her Chicken Crunch which will serve 4 large helpings.
1 lb cooked chicken - chopped
3 sticks of celery
1 large onion
2 tins of condensed mushroom soup (not diluted)
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
2 tablespoons lemon juice
4 bags of crisps - crumbled
1 - 2 ozs flaked almonds
2 ozs grated cheese
Mix the chicken, celery and onion with the mushroom soup and add the lemon juice and mayonnaise.
Place in a dish and sprinkle over the crisps, almonds and cheese.
Bake for 30 minutes at 200c.
It really is tasty - enjoy!

See you soon

PS - you wait until you see her coconut and chocolate
picnic slices - mmm they're divine. That's for another time.


  1. OOo what a lovely garden - just my cup of tea - your aunt and uncle look very sprightly - that's a great photo of you all. I just might give that chicken dish a try - it looks yum.

  2. Hello Patricia:
    We have always maintained that those gardens, such as that belonging to your uncle and aunt, where not everything may be seen in one glance and which beckon the visitor to explore further, are by far the most interesting. Certainly, from what you say here, they do seem to have created something very special and personal for themselves.

    And the chicken dish sounds delicious.

  3. Beautiful garden and lovely recipe. I used to mix cooked chicken with other things plus a can of condensed chicken or mushroom soup. Once hot, it would be served with rice.

  4. What a beautiful garden, I could spend hours in there! Thank you to your Auntie Rosa for her lovely recipe:)

  5. What a lovely, relaxing garden!

  6. That is a beautiful garden. I would love to have one like that with lots of little secret areas. It is planted up beautifully.

  7. What a beautiful garden, I love all those secret hidding places. Thanks for the recipe too, it sounds delicious and a great way to use any chicken leftovers. I'll have to try it next time I cook chicken.

  8. A lovely garden in a beautiful area. I'm sure you and your sisters enjoyed your visit to see your Uncle and Aunt. Auntie Rosa's bakes sound delicious.

  9. Such a peaceful garden.. Thank you for sharing your visit to Rosa's home ,sharing her delicious recipe...
    I think I should be putting on a few extra kilos with this lovely meal..
    happy Sunday Patricia.

  10. Such a lovely garden and the recipie sounds yummy,i'm always looking for new things too try for the family,I will give this one a go,thankyou for sharing.Xxxx

  11. I didn't realise you had the recipe, thank goodness you did, it was delicious wasn't it!

  12. I love a good garden & this one looks very inviting!

    The recipe sounds great. I will have to pin this & make it in the future.

    Hope you are well,


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