Monday, 3 September 2012

Simple pleasures

Today the children go back to school - but not in this part of the country as they are having a non pupil day for teacher training - that's after having six weeks holidays!! I'll say no more.

So, instead of taking L to school today, he came round first thing to spend the day with me - and what a day we had. Simple - but fun.

Firstly L helped me bake a cake in between playing on the WII and his DSI - the cake won.

Then, after clearing away and washing up we decided to go out and collect some bits from the woods to make up my Autumn table decoration which L is helping me create. You might remember that I made a Summer Jubilee/Olympic one back in June which you can find here. So off we went in seach of acorns, conkers, fir cones and golden leaves in our local woods.

However after much foraging, we found nothing - deciding that it was too early in the season so will have to go back another day.

Then, we went to another area where we could do some blackberry picking -
I had taken a couple of boxes with me just in case.

This time we were a lot luckier with our foraging

We met a few four legged animals on the way much to L's delight

And he even managed to find a fox / badger's hole - not sure which?

and this pretty butterfly

A well deserved reward for all his hard work this morning

Back home we turned out the blackberries which weighed approx 1kg

And by this time, the cake had cooled down

Well, thanks to that silly non pupil day, L and I had an excellent time and have vowed that we are going to go back to the blackberry bushes that were not quite ripe and also to look for more autumnal bits. Looking forward to making a yummy blackberry and apple pie, but L has now informed me that (1) he doesn't like blackberries and (2) he's allergic to apples !! - so all the more for me and his grandad then.

L has asked me to tell you that he helped write this post and hopes that you enjoyed our walk today.

See you again soon


  1. Hello Patricia:
    Well, you certainly made the most of your day together and, from the photographs, you had the perfect weather for your foraging activities.

    Sometimes the simple and unexpected things that happen in life are the most rewarding and satisfying. A perfect day!

  2. I've just compared the photo of L. with that of the 1932 one of your dad - what amazing similarities even down to the ears! What a grand day you have had. Good luck with your final year at Uni.

  3. What a lovely post. Baking and foraging - what fun. It looks like you gained from the teachers having a training day!

  4. I certainly enjoyed walking with you and would gladly have a slice either of the cake or the pie ;-)

  5. What a lovely day you both had.Quality time like you shared is priceless.

  6. Ooohhh blackberries - we've been picking since the weekend.

    Nina x

  7. There are so benefits from non pupil days after all! It looks like you had such a fun day and such a good crop of blackberries what a shame L doesn't like them!
    Sarah x

  8. What a lovely simple day, definitely one full of memories for the future x and L did a fantastic job of helping you write this blog post xx


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