Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Great River Race

John and I belong to a local walking group in Leigh on Sea, they organise walks and cycle rides and other social activities. There are generally two or three walks a month and a couple of bike rides. Mostly we drive out to a designated area and are guided by a fellow walker who has reccied the walk beforehand. Sometimes however, we take the train to -  guess where?  yes London.

Yesterday saw ten of us on the Isle of Dogs with a view to watching the start of the Great River Race where some fellow members - four boats in all - rowed up river 22 miles to Richmond. There were hundreds of boats taking part and some with as many as sixteen rowers.

We took the train to Limehouse and boarded the Docklands Light Railway to Crossharbour
and proceeded to walk to the start

It was a race in itself just getting their boats into the water!
and across the road!
The sun shone all day - it was glorious

After the starter gun went off we continued our walk along the Thames Path

These old wharf buildings are everywhere - restored into luxury apartments

And some were so pretty too

You wouldn't expect to see so much greenery in such a heavily built-up area

After about three miles we arrived at our Lunch destination -
The Prospect of Whitby - supposedly the oldest Riverside Inn

Where we sat upstairs and ate our lunch overlooking the river from the terrace and later viewed this fabulous skyline of London's financial district known as "Canary Wharf"

We continued our walk which totalled approx five miles, towards
The Tower of London, on our way to our train home.
All in all a wonderful day, with plenty of sunshine, good company and a peep into life on the Isle of Dogs. A return visit is definitely on the cards.
Bye for now - have a good week


  1. Hello Patricia:
    For some years we owned a flat at Rotherhithe and so all this area is very familiar to us. The Prospect of Whitby pub is a National Treasure we think. Such an amazing building and very good food.

    What fun the boat race looks to have been. We cannot recall this event in our time in London, even though our flat was directly on the Thames and boat watching was a favourite pastime of ours.

    The whole Docklands area is so full of historical interest and also injected with highly modern architecture. It is an exciting place to live or visit.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I love that sign for the pub listing all the reigns during which they did business, imagine still being around several centuries later. If only buildings could talk this one would have a lot to tell.

  3. Lovely photographs, as good as being there!

  4. What a super day out! The Prospect of Whitby looks wonderful:)

  5. Hi Patricia, What a perfect day! I am so happy for you, that the sun was shining. Twenty two miles sound like such a long row . . . I'm afraid my poor arms would give out.

    Going out with your grandchildren to gather pine cones and Autumn's natural decorating elements sounds like a lovely way to send an afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing your center piece. Have a wonderful week. Now that you are back in school, your days probably seem to speed by. Best wishes with all of your classes, Connie :)

  6. It's interesting to read about your city walk. It looks as if you had a great time. Jx

  7. You do get around don't you - what an interesting walk - sounds thoroughly enjoyable

  8. It all looks so green and the river Thames with all the boats..looks like a good day..
    I think its great that the old dockland buildings , have been made ito apartments. What a fantastic view.
    thanks Patricia.
    val x


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