Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ribbons and Bobbins

Firstly thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post. I can't believe that my little collection of pottery and china would bring forth so much response from you all.

On another collection note, I love buying ribbons and braiding and have accumulated quite a stash over the last six months or so, meaning to use them for wrapping gifts, sewing onto projects etc. But have I? - No. The collection is mounting but I just love the look of them and keep them in this lovely old apothecary jar.

 I have also been on the look out for some of those vintage wooden bobbins and have been scouring the internet and vintage shops. It's taken a while but I now have a little collection of those too.

Aren't they gorgeous? These came with the ribbons already on them.
These arrived yesterday which I'd ordered on the internet and wrapped some
of my existing tape around them
So now I have several methods of storing them
But then, I remembered something that was hidden away in our loft - Yes another trip for Hubby - but he was going up there anyway to get the Christmas decorations down
A bit battered but it is at least 70 years old and belonged to my late father-in-law
But - an idea was festering and after lining it with some Cath Kidston
fat quarters, turned my vintage case into yet another storage solution and am really
pleased with the effect
Well I did have another photo to show you but I've just had a pop-up message from Blogger to say OOPS YOU'VE JUST RUN OUT OF PHOTO STORAGE SPACE.
Grrrrrr  ....How frustrating is that!!!
Anyway once it's sorted there is something else I want to show you that came down
from the dreaded loft and all being well, I'll write a post this week.
Have a good week everyone


  1. Ooh I love those wooden spools, they look so pretty wound with ribbon.
    Victoria xx

  2. They are very pretty. Bet your father in law used that case as a little boy as it looks quite small.

  3. What a lovely, decorative way to store everything. I had exactly the same experience last week with blogger. All you can do is delete old photos from your earlier posts (using Picasa). Very annoying! Jx

  4. That suitcase is gorgeous, so are your bobbin collections, I love old things that have been well taken care of and on pinterest so many people have started to use old suit cases in ways I never would have imagined!

  5. How funny - I keep all my ribbons and fabrics in a suitcase just the same as yours. Great minds think alike eh!

  6. Don't they all look beautiful together like that in that lovely old suitcase, I thing I'd use that as a Christmas display it looks so pretty.

  7. Hope you sort out Picasa, I did it by gradually uploading all my photos again in a smaller size by exporting them at 480 pixels. I love those old wooden bobbins with all the pretty ribbons around them:)

  8. Sometimes collections are just meant to be looked at. There has to be a little room for just plain "pretty stuff" in ever home, don't you think? Anyway, as a fellow trim collector, I love all this!

  9. What a lovely idea! Some very pretty designs and a great way to store/display them.

  10. Such gorgeousness and I love how you've transformed the old case.

    Nina x

    ps. can't wait to see your 'boats' pictures,

    Nina x

  11. HI Patricia, just catching up on my blog reading! Loved all the goodies in your last two blog posts. Isnt it funny how things we stash away become desirable once again?!

  12. Oh Patricia...I share this love of ribbons and trims and laces. I have mine in jars too and some on spools with some also on bobbins. Can you send me your address? I would love to send you a set of old bobbinlace bobbins to wind a couple of your ribbons or laces on. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~


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