Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Christmas gift

Not long to go now. I really love the build-up to Christmas which normally starts around 1st December with all the preparations, shopping, wrapping, let alone the school Nativities and Carol concerts to attend as well as a bit of socialising thrown in for good measure!. Do you like these candle glasses that I covered with manuscript paper?  I found them here and am really pleased that such a simple idea could look so effective. They look really pretty sitting on my piano.   The jar I filled with some Christmassy bits and holly etc and was quite pleased with the effect.

I had fun with this cloche too - I couldn't resist these lovely Nativity pieces when I spotted them.  You might remember my Jubilee/Olympic themed cloche that I put together during the summer which you can see here 

I got this idea for gift toppers from a magazine a few weeks ago. The gift tags I made using stiff card that I photo-copied some paper onto and then cut with a craft punch. Such a simple idea but very effective.

These little chappies go back to when the children were toddlers and they've stood on the fireplace ever since. I could never bring myself to light them.

The tree is up, the decs are done the pressies wrapped and under the tree.
There is one Christmas gift however that comes out year after year which hangs in pride of place on my tree. It's only tiny and was given to me by my late mum about ten years ago. I keep it permanently in my bedside drawer and bring it out at Christmas.

It's just a small red box, tied up with ribbon and on the back of the gift card it  reads:
"This is a very special gift
that you can never see,
The reason it's so special is
it's just for you from me.
Whenever you are feeling lonely
or even feeling blue,
You only have to hold this gift
and know I think of you.
You never should unwrap it
please leave the ribbon tied
Hold the box close to your heart
It's filled with love inside"

Mum's been gone these past six years now but special Christmas gift lives on.
 Enjoy your week


  1. I love your Christmas decorations Patricia, especially the nativity scene inside the cloche. What a lovely gift that your mum gave you, it brought tears to my eyes just reading the poem she wrote to you.

  2. Beautiful decorations and I love the cloche ideas. What a sweet gift from your mum, I miss my mum all the time. I was worried to see your gifts already under the tree and near the window. We have in previous years been advised by the police to not have any presents on show - just in case unwanted visitors see them.

  3. Oh, your home looks so warm and festive. The story of your special little Christmas gift brought tears to my eyes, how very special it must be to you:)

  4. Your post is very poignant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your home looks wonderfully decorated Patricia and I have a box with exactly the same saying on it. It was from my friend Steve who died 12 years ago now and he loved christmas.

  6. What a pretty and festive home you have Patricia. Being sick, I have not posted photos yet of mine. Seeing your blog post reminds me I need to get some photos tonight and post them. My mother keeps asking when I am posting my annual Christmas Village story too.

    Thank you for your kind words about my being sick. I am feeling slowly better today but still cancelled my going out with a friend tomorrow since I am worried I will have a relapse. Your package is sitting here on my table beside me needing to go to the post office. I am avoiding going out until I have my resistance is built up. I am still hoping you will have it before Christmas.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. What a lovely gift your Mother gave you so many years ago, the words are so beautiful. Your home looks so festive and cosy. What a great idea of displaying the nativity scene and the candles and gift toppers are wonderful.
    Sarah x

  8. What a very special gift from your Mom. It's so hard to lose a parent. I love the way your decorations look under glass. It gives them such presence, like they are the guest of honor at the party.

  9. Such a precious gift from your Mum, I'm not surprised you keep it close always! Suzy x

  10. PAtricia what a lovely lovely present to have and to hold. What a thoughtful woman your mum must have been.
    Lovely too seeing your family tradition decorations - we all hang on to something, don't we, usually quite small and scrappy, which the children have made decades earlier, and that's just how it should be. Lx

  11. Your house looks lovely and Christmasy! Jx

  12. I love how your tree twinkles - as if it's winking at you.

    Nina x

  13. Dearest Patricia,
    What an endearing post. Your home looks so warm cosy and chritsmassy.
    Your gift packet idea with the tags is really cool.
    I send you best wishes for a very Happy Christmas to you and your family.
    Thank you for following me on my blog. For your commnents.. its been great to blog with you.
    Stay well , take care
    until 2013..
    Duty calls now..busy times.
    val x x x

  14. Everything is perfect... The tree, the decorating... Everything!
    Merry Christmas!

  15. Oh Patricia, such a beautiful poem from your Mum, to be always treasured.
    Your decorations, gift packaging ideas and pretty tree make your home look so cosy and welcoming. I love your fireplace, and the clock is the same as one we had on the mantlepiece when I was growing up:)
    A very happy Christmas to you and yours with good health and good times in the year ahead.

  16. I love the photo with the twinkling tree lights!


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