Monday, 14 January 2013

Belgium - part 2

Another highlight of our recent trip to Belgium was to visit the city of Ghent. Many of you already know that I am on the last leg of  my History degree. My current module is Art History - Renaissance and I'm loving it.

We have to choose a particular piece of artwork to research and write about in our final 4500 word essay in May. I have chosen the famous "Ghent Altarpiece" painted by the renowned artist brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck from the Northern Renaissance workshops, in what was then called the Netherlands but today known as northern Belgium.  So it was no co-incidence that we made this trip which has gone a long way to aiding my research with the added bonus of being able to view this masterpiece  for real at St Bavo's Cathedral.

featuring "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" 
This impressive Gothic cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Ghent 

where this sculpture of the brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck stands outside

The deli's and bakers shops were so tempting

and I love that you can have a coffee or beer in the same establishment
as an antique shop/art gallery!

In Brussels there were many flea markets but sadly not enought time to visit



and allthough I was done with Christmas, it was interesting to see the
Christmas markets, which I'd never seen or been to before

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our short but sweet trip..
Bye for now


  1. Hello Patricia:
    What a wonderful subject for your final essay. And to have seen it for yourself will, we know, give added meaning to all that you write.

    This is another tempting glimpse into a country in which, as we may have mentioned previously, we have spent too little time. Sadly, in our view, Christmas markets are now somewhat over done and are apt to appear all over Europe looking, we feel, much the same everywhere.

  2. It looks as if you had a lovely time. I took a group of pupils to Ghent years ago but we didn't have time to explore properly. I must go back again. Jx

  3. The buildings look lovely - glad you enjoyed it. My course this year involves a woodlouse survey - not very glamorous!

  4. Once again a lovely post about our "neighbours ",beautiful
    Erna x

  5. I love your new look on your blog and more about your trip to Belgium. It must have been wonderful to see the painting you are writing about.
    Sarah x

  6. I also appreciate the art of the Renaissance in the northern countries and there's nothing like seeing
    the artists' work-first hand and the cafes and restaurants and other aspects are enjoyable too.

  7. Must have been great to see the painting that you will study and write about, such lovely photos.

  8. Right, Belgium is now officially on our 'to do' list! And it's your fault! Lx

  9. Seeing the altarpiece in its original setting will, I'm sure, help so much with that final essay. The cathedral looks wonderful as does the statue of the van Eyck brothers. Ghent looks a delightful place to visit:)

  10. Patricia, I'm Nadezda and here over Betty. Thank you for sharing interesting photos of your trip!

  11. Sorry, I must have unfollowed you when I had a bit of a purge before Christmas, but I'm back now.

  12. How wonderful that you could see the artwork for real which will make your essay come to life I am sure. Belgium is a wonderful place and you have seen a good bit of it on this trip.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  13. What vibrant colours on the painting Patricia, it must be amazing to have seen it close up. And I also couldn't help noticing the lovely blue sky on your last photos, it does look cold though.

  14. What a super trip that must have been, Patricia! I don't know Ghent, but have very fond memories of a wonderful visit to Bruges, where I too fell in love with the art of the Northern Renaissance. Good luck with your essay.


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