Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy walks

Well - it finally arrived yesterday, even though it looked like sieved icing sugar falling from the sky all day long and eventually gave us about 4/5 inches. I must admit I do like a good snow shower of large snowflakes which can mesmerise you as you gaze out of the window. But I'm not complaining. We took a walk to our daughter's Sunday afternoon through the woods with my camera in tow.

It was quite magical
 and so still - just the occasional bird tweeting
I don't drive in the snow and ice so this morning's school run was of the more
 healthier walking kind.

which took us up a pretty steep hill  through the woods
towards the church at the top  
and up through the churchyard 
A bit out of puff when I got to the top  (must get fit) - but the view was stunning
 Dropped L off at school and then did the return trip which was much kinder on my legs!  
Not sure why I don't do this more often. The excuse normally is that L, at eight years old might not be able to manage to walk the hill whereas in actual fact it was ME that was getting left behind and L that kept saying "come on Nan". So - after I get fit, watch this space!
Finally,  I would like to thank all my blogging friends for your wonderful comments recently. I apologise that I haven't replied to them all but revision is getting in the way at the moment. I do appreciate all the lovely things you have to say and they certainly lift my day.
Have a good week


  1. Fabulous photos, I love that church! We've had snow upon snow now! Anyway, guess what, you are my giveaway winner, so if you contact me via my email address which is top right on the sidebar on my blog, with your details I'll get them off to you as soon as possible. Suzy x

  2. Lovely pictures but know what you mean about being out and about in it. At least you could keep off the pavements, ours are like skating rings. Things will get better once you finish your BA, not long to go now.

  3. Hello Patricia:
    These really are wonderful wintry images and do have the effect of making us feel that we have been following in your footsteps as you make your ways en route for school. And what a magical walk it must have been. The view from the top is amazing, well worth the climb! Indeed, the whole makes us feel just a tiny bit nostalgic for England, possibly on account of the country church.

    Good luck with the revision. That BA must now be just around the corner!!

  4. What gorgeous photo's!
    They really make me feel like going for a wintery walk :)

  5. That looks like a lovely walk to school Patricia and your photos are beautiful.

    We had quite a lot of snow here too on Friday but today it's almost all melted away thankfuly, it makes everything look very pretty but it's so treacherous. Good luck with the revision.

  6. Gorgeous photos, Patricia - rural England at its most magical. You had the same very fine snow that we got here in Mid-Wales - not as entrancing to watch as big whirling flakes, but still making it difficult or impossible to get around easily.

    No apologies needed when you have much more important work to do than replying to comments. Hope the revision is going well.

  7. A wonderful winter scene Patricia..
    How great that you get to walk it with your grandson.
    I am sure, thats the way the children years ago went to school..
    Wish you luck with your studies ... not long now..
    Its cold and wet here.
    val x x x

  8. Dear Patricia - you were just setting off on your walk when you commented yesterday. A lovely walk and magical photos have ensued, and a big congratulations on the giveaway you have just won.


  9. A lovely Winter Wonderland!

  10. What wonderful photos! The church is just lovely, I bet it looks imposing in all weathers but it looks magical in the snow:)

  11. Everywhere looks so lovely when it's snowed doesn't it? I don't drive in it either:)

  12. The school walk with your grandchild must be a lovely experience. The country church is pretty.
    Hope the revision is going well.

  13. Lovely photos Patricia. The church ones are beautiful xx


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