Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love and friendship

First of all I'd like to welcome my new follower Irene. We met up again at the recent event commemorating the flood victims that I told you about. We had attended the same Secondary School where we graduated 50 years ago and not seen each other since. Lovely to have you on board Irene and hope you enjoy my ramblings.

Just a quiet night in for the two of us tonight with a home cooked meal of Mediterranean Chicken (recipe to follow) and a nice bottle of wine with some relaxing music in the  background. John bought me these lovely tulips - I say John but actually it was me who spotted them in Aldi's on Monday and as I love tulips suggested that if he were to buy me some flowers (cheeky I know) he bought them there as opposed to getting me some  on the day and paying a small fortune for them. He happily put them in the trolley and off we went. Romantic or what? I already knew though what he had planned giving me as a present so the flowers were a bonus.

I've had a very hectic couple of weeks for one reason or another and am only just getting around to catching up with all your posts - I am getting there but please bear with me.

I must just show you some lovely parcels I've received recently. Firstly I was delighted to win these lovely magazines in a giveaway organised by Suzy a few weeks ago which is going to spur me on to start a crochet project that I have in mind.Take a look at her lovely website here Thank you so much Suzy they're great.

Then I received this parcel from Val a dear blogging friend at Val's alentejo all the way from Portugal.

Val knows that I am collecting doilies and tray cloths and sent me these - they are lovely

and a gorgeous tea towel from Portugal embellished with an olive tree - Val 
has her own olive farm and this is a lovely memento 

and last but not least these lovely Coffee napkins and flavoured tea bags

Such a kind gesture from someone I've never met - thank you so much Val. Pop along to her lovely website and catch up with her life in Portugal.

Oh I do love blogging - it's such a great way of sharing common interests with like-minded friends.

Have a great Valentine's evening and see you soon


  1. All of your goodies and gifts look lovely! Enjoy your red tulips - it was thoughtful of your husband to pick up on your hint and buy them. :-)

  2. Such wonderful gifts from your dear friend... Love the red tulips... Enjoy!! Hugs May x x x

  3. How wonderful to get so many beautiful gifts in the mail. I love the cover on the Making magazine, it's beautiful I'll keep an eye out for it next time we go shopping.

  4. Hello Patricia:
    Well, it sounds as if you had the most perfect Valentine's Day. Can there be anything better than simply being with the one you love?

    And, what treasures have arrived in the post. It is always a thrill when a parcel arrives at the door but it would seem as if Christmas has arrived all over again at your house!

  5. Lovely red tulips Patricia glad you enjoyed your peaceful evening. I already follow Val's blog she sounds a lovely person and always leaves generous comments on my blog, it was very kind of her to think of you.

  6. That sounds like the loveliest way to spend Valentine's Day, Patricia. Your tulips are gorgeous, as are Val's thoughtful gifts. I find bloggers the kindest, friendliest people imaginable. Now off to explore your links.

  7. Hello Patricia, what a lovely presents you received....enjoy...
    Erna x

  8. Lots of lovely gifts you received there, I love the tea towel.

  9. Such pretty red tulips! They will brighten every day for you over the next few days. Your quiet evening in sounds lovely:)

  10. Patricia, what a nice gift you have got! I guess John was glad when you chose these tulips. Have a nice weekend!

  11. Beautiful flowers from your husband and thoughtful gifts to treasure from friends - special moments during a busy time, Patricia. Have a good weekend!

  12. Hi there, just popped over from Elizy to say hello! What beautiful flowers, tulips are my favourite too. Looking forward to following your bloggy adventures.
    Happy weekend,
    Love Gilly x

  13. Jos and I are the same...very practical. I buy flowers at Aldi and Lidl too since they are so well priced.

    What pretty doilies to add to your collection.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  14. Thank you for your kind comments on my last post . They were a great comfort. Your post on Valentine is just lovely. I see you were also lucky to receive some red roses......xx

  15. Hi Patricia, Looks like you had a lovely Valentine's day. Your tulips are beautiful . . . tulips always make me think of spring. I've been walking around my front and back yards and seeing their little noses starting to pop through the earth :)
    Thank you for entering my give-away . . . good luck.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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