Sunday, 3 February 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt

First of all welcome to my new follower Trish - we go back to infant school days and have just 'found each other' again after over fifty years and have lots of catching up to do..

I have just joined the new Photo Scavenger Hunt organised by Greenthumb and here are January's photos. I normally post recently taken photos but due to illness and the snowy weather, I'm afraid some are older this time.

After a long climb up to school one morning grandson L and I were freezing
as we walked through the churchyard

 you can't beat a good old fashioned hot water bottle on cold, wintry nights

on a nature trail in Danbury Common last year

This is Auntie Rosa's Chicken crunch which I showed you last summer here

self explanatory

French markets always have an abundance of wonderfully fresh produce

taken at Heybridge Basin near Maldon last summer


A view
from the ramparts of the medieval castle at Carcassonne last year

taken on Thundersley Common the day before our snow arrived in January

our local town of Hadleigh hosted the 2013 Olympic mountain biking event and this was put up
to celebrate the occasion

at one of the cottages at Windsor Castle where we went for lunch in the dungeons last year

Many thanks to Greenthumb for organising this and can't wait to get stuck into February's list.

I'm going in to have some minor eye surgery tomorrow on both eyes but  hopefully this will be the conclusion of my last two years of eye problems and hope to be functioning again very soon.

See you soon


  1. Lovely photos Patricia. Hope the eye surgery goes well for you.

  2. Hello Patricia:
    What a perfect portfolio of photographs!! You have certainly captured the essence of the tasks set. The cold image is particularly striking.

    We do so hope that all will go well for you with the surgery. Our thoughts are with yo and we shall eagerly await your return!

  3. Lovely photos, and how wonderful to find a friend from years gone by! Wishing you a speedy recovery from your eye surgery x

  4. Great set of photos, and good luck with the eye surgery xxx

  5. Dear Patricia - hope everything goes as planned for your surgery tomorrow and you now be able to say goodbye to your eye problems.
    How wonderful to have rediscovered a friend from so many years ago.
    I read on your comment to Val that you are going to Sicily this year. We went last March, and you will love it.
    A great selection of photos.

  6. Your images are lovely and how wonderful to meet up with an old school friend through your blog.
    Hope all goes well with the eye surgery, take care.
    Sarah x

  7. What Lovely photos :) - wishing you all the best for your surgery tomorrow, take care xx

  8. Some lovely lovely photos there and I was struggling for twelve, how obvious is that one!!? All the best for tomorrow. Suzy x

  9. I hope everything goes well tomorrow and you recover quickly.

  10. Beautiful photos Patricia, Good luck with the eye surgery... I tried the link to Aunt Rosa's chicken.. But it would not connect for me!! it does look so yummy!!! Hugs May x x x

  11. I've really enjoyed your photos. I've joined in again with the new scavenger hunt and really enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing you again next month. Oh, and I love your blog header pictures, they are beautiful.

  12. Thanks for taking part in the Scavenger hunt I hope you had fun finding the photos, love the statue, mail box and your view is amazing. Greenthumb.

  13. Great photos, I love the statue!

    Good luck with your surgery.

  14. Patricia, nice collection of photos! I love this one "blue".

  15. Great pictures, Patricia. Good luck with the surgery, hope to see you back and blogging v. soon,
    Joy xx

  16. Hope all goes well for you today.

  17. Lovely photos, Patricia! I may try and join in with February's scavenger hunt. Hope your eye operation goes well. Take care:)

  18. Hope your surgery goes well Patricia.

    Your photos are lovely, I really like the one with the blue and that wonderful blue sky. I'm off now to post mine before it's too late.

  19. Great pics! I love the statue one.

  20. Lovely photos! I hope all goes well with your eye surgery, and you have a quick recovery!

  21. These are really super photos, Patricia, and I love the contrasts between them. I do hope your eye surgery went well and that it really will solve the problems you've been having. Take care.

  22. I like the idea of the photo scavenger hunt and it's interesting to see your choice. Trust the eye treatment went well.

  23. A speedy recovery Patricia..with your eye surgery.
    Its all the reading!
    your photos for your scavenger hung are really good. I recall seeing some of them on some of your posts.
    The walk to school with your grandson..when the snow was knee deep..
    The bike for the opening of the olympics.
    take care.
    best wishes
    val x x x

  24. An Essex girl like me? I live the other end of the county, but nice to see photos of places I hear about but have never visited.
    Hope all went well with your operation.x

  25. Beautiful photos! I see that it wasn't just me who was ill and had trouble finding photos! Good luck with your eye surgery!

  26. I am caught up with all your posts. I try to go to all my bloggy friends who comment on my blog and see their posts and that takes some time if I am also traveling. I answered your comment about cameras in my post and in my current post I answered again and with examples.

    I really enjoyed reading about your Granny Smith – it’s great that you could find out so much. I also wrote a couple of posts on my grandparents and my mother’s childhood. I need to write more of them. It is amazing how one can remember past events when they were traumatic – and being in a flood certainly must have been quite a trauma for you and your family. The black and white photos gave a good impression of the flood. Your color photos are lovely. All my best wishes for a quick recovery with your eye surgery.


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