Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Photo Scavenger Hunt

My how the weeks are flying by. Here is my selection of photos for March - some new some old. Many thanks to Greenthumb for arranging these Scavenger Hunts for us.

In my Uncle Jack's garden last summer

Deer  - in a Suffolk field two weeks ago on a weekend break

Person in uniform
My great grandfather Ernest Bones who fought in the Boer War 1899-1902
under the command of General Sir Redvers Buller  - Ernest's son - my grandfather, was named Edward Buller Bones after Ernest's hero (more in another post maybe)

A glass of soda water

In a basket under our stairs - could do with a tidy methinks

mine - two beloved cameras

A gate
Lych gate at the church where we were married 

on my Easter twig tree

Apple crumble after our Easter Sunday roast dinner

the moat around the farmhouse we stayed in Suffolk

 A bridge
where else?

the High Street in the village we visited on Saturday in my last post

Hope you enjoyed this month's selection as much as I had in gathering them 

See you soon x


  1. Thanks for taking part in the Scavenger hunt, I really like your 3, green and gate photos. Greenthumb

  2. What a fun post . . . you did a wonderful job on your scavenger hunt :)
    Fun, fun, fun :)

  3. Scavenger hunts look really fun, and I enjoyed the comparisons with Suzy's photos of the same topics. Love your 3 deers, and the gate is really pretty.

  4. Your green photo caught my eye! This garden looks really nice!I hade fun with the SH, too!A goo chance to play a bit!

  5. Love the deer in the snow, great photos.

  6. Lovely photos - it's not often you see an empty high street!:)

  7. A great selection of some of your March photos.
    All the photos tell a little story.. but the one that is most interesting is your great grandfather.
    (more please about officer Bones!)-- love anything about the Boer war.
    xxx val

  8. Oh gosh, your pictures are brilliant. I wish I'd thought of the cameras as my toys, flippin' 'eck I use them practically every day. Suzy x

  9. I love the interpretations - the garden view was especially lovely.

  10. Hello Patricia,
    Great set of pictures, really like the 'toys' and I nearly did the uniform of my Great-Grandfather! Love the bridge (like the shadow in it), well done!

  11. I love these eclectic photo posts, Patricia and your photos are so good. The green one is particularly appealing.

  12. Thanks for your comment on my scavenger post. Your photos are great, I love the one you picked for uniform. I like the look of your blog, I've enjoyed having a nosy here so I'll follow you :)

  13. Green is beautiful and I love the deer photo.

  14. A great selection! I really do like the idea of the Photo Scavenger Hunt. Just to let you know I am still posting but no-one knows as blogger is not updating my posts for my followers. So I'm transmitting but no-ones receiving:(

  15. Great photos love your bridge and that pudding looks really good!

  16. Lovely selection Patricia - love the easter egg tree.

  17. Lovely photos! The empty village looked familiar, thought it was Halstead to start with, but no Coggleshall, beautiful!

  18. Hi Patricia.
    A great selection of photos, the first one I have seen with an Easter egg tree.My grandfather fought in the Boer War have you been able to find out much about your great grandfather's time in Africa?
    Sarah x

  19. A lovely mix of photos. I think you have changed for header? I like the touch of William Morris, it is very becoming.

  20. That crumble looks mouthwatering and I really like your last photo, it's so beautiful it could be a postcard.

  21. Very nice March pictures, but oh dear - several of them have snow in them. Not what you want to see in March! All that green in the first picture is what you need more of. I hope your weather in Britain smartens up soon, and you get some sunshine and warm days.

  22. Patricia, interesting collection of March!
    I love your beloved toys: great cameras and the last photo I remember it on your post.
    Have a nice weekend!

  23. Nice seeing all your photos. Looks like you're having the same weather we are! Hope it's better for April. x

  24. I love to see the scavenger hunt photos although I've never taken part. Love the photo of your Great Grandfather.

  25. What a great selection of pictures! Your great-grandfather was decorated – I read about the Boer War – it was another terrible war. I would be ready to taste your apple crumble though…. Looks yum!

  26. Just catching up with everyone's March Scavenger hunt- love how we're all different. I really like the green, uniform and 3. :)


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