Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sicily - part 2

Gosh how time flies - I hadn't realised I'd not posted this last part of our holiday.  Thank you to all of you who commented on the first part - very much appreciated. I've been having a few 'technical' problems with the computer/broadband so have not been able to post for a couple of weeks and am now trying to catch up with reading all your posts. Apologies if I missed any. I can occasionally comment from my iPad but I cannot post from it, for some reason it will not let me add photos. Anyway back to Sicily.

We arrived at Giardini Naxos mid afternoon and were very pleasantly surprised with our hotel The Saint Alphio Garden Hotel and Spa. The gardens were absolutely wonderful

Such a pleasure to relax and enjoy the surroundings

The following day we visited the medieval town of Taormina which sits high up on a mountainside balcony overlooking Mount Etna and the sea.

The narrow cobbled streets are lined with designer shops, restaurants and stalls selling the most colourful, fresh fruit, olives and pasta.

Taormina's greatest claim to fame is the Greek Theatre which is wonderfully preserved and has the most breathtaking views of the sea below

 Our last trip was to the town of Siracuse one of the richest and most beautiful cities in the ancient world. Today it is one of Sicily's most attractive, with a wonderful collection of limestone buildings dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. The Baroque temple which incorporates an ancient temple was superb.

I had always wanted to visit this town as during the second World War it was here that the Allied troops had landed in July 1943 on their journey from Tunisia into Italy. My dad's unit was attached to the Eighth Army headed by Montgomery and I remember him talking about it. For my family history purpose I have been tracking down all the places that dad had been during the war years and this was the last one on the list. More about his history another time maybe.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my journey through Sicily and will be posting again soon - providing I have no more hitches.

Bye for now x


  1. Welcome back! Taormina is one of my favourite places in Sicily too, I love it. And how interesting and special to be able to follow your dad's footsteps, I'm sure his story is quite fascinating. My friend's Sicilian dad was a POW during the war - he comes from a small village not far from Taormina.
    Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine :-)

  2. It looks an amazing place to visit Patricia. A place we have never been but would love to.

  3. Those grounds of the hotel are stunning! I've not been to Sicily but it looks so good and so tempting, to visit! x

  4. Oh Patricia, I can almost smell the flowers and feel the warm breeze. What a glorious place. I am delighted that you can make this trip and that you are gracious in sharing your vacation with us. You must be thoroughly enjoying all the beauty, culture and history of Sicily. Amazing :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Connie :)

  5. Sorry you've had computing problems, Patricia, but this post was certainly worth waiting for. Lovely photos of a glorious landscape filled with history. You've made me want to visit Sicily ev en more. :-)

  6. It looks lovely! Hope your computer problems are all sorted now.

  7. Dear Patricia, thank you for showing us your beautiful photos of Sicily, which now I so want to visit too! Those purple and pink blooms look so enticing, and I absolutely love the Greek theatre and those limestone buildings. So very historical as well as gorgeous to look at. Looking forward to hearing more of your father's wartime exploits, too. xx

  8. Just so wonderful, what lovely place. Thank for sharing.

  9. Patrica,
    I love the ancient building as this well preserved Greek Theater, the sea views are wonderful.
    I always wanted to see Syracuse, knowing this ancient history where Archimedes lived.
    Thanks for sharing these interesting photos!

  10. Your hotel looks so beautiful with those lovely gardens. The theatre looks magnificent as does Syracuse - I always think of the Comedy of Errors when I hear that name. How wonderful to have visited the places your father served in during the war. My own father served in Scotland and the Middle East but my step father spent some time in Italy:)

  11. I hope you get your computer problems sorted out soon Patricia.

    What a lovely hotel you stayed in, it looks like one of those places you don't want to leave. Beautiful photos of Sicily, I've never been but some of the photos both on this and the previous post remind me of Portugal.

  12. Hello there! Amazing photos! I am from Greece!!
    Nice blog!
    Glad to find you.
    You have new follower.
    I will appriciate it i f you follow me back.
    Visit ou facebook fan page too.
    Thank you so much!

    Much love from,

  13. I love Sicily - it has so much to offer as revealed by your photos. I could happily return again and see more of its ancient sites, the flowers, and also the beautiful Norman architecture on the island.

  14. What beautiful photos- I had forgotten how pretty it all was- I would love to go back again after having seen all your photos. You make it look so enticing:)

  15. It looks fantastic from your lovely hotel and gardens, to the views and that great picture of the shop and the local. I would love to visit there too.
    Sarah x

  16. Your pictures are amazing!! So lovely...looks like a great trip.


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