Thursday, 9 October 2014

Anniversary trip

John treated us to a day out this week for our 44th wedding anniversary. We boarded the 70 year old and much preserved Paddle Steamer Waverley for a trip up the Thames to London.  It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit windy but nevertheless sunny. Because of this the boat couldn't dock at Southend pier so we were coached to Gravesend for our embarkation.

As you must be aware by now, I am passionate about London and this was a fabulous way of approaching it. Passing many landmarks, old warehouses, factories, ports areas, cranes and so much more besides.

This is the Queen Elizabeth ll bridge that joins Essex with Kent at Dartford 

I've only ever seen the Thames Barrier on the tv and it was fascinating to cruise past

Next came the O2 centre and the Emirates cable cars which takes you from one side to the other side of the river - a ride upon which is definitely on my wish list!

This is the Greenwich Maritime Centre and Royal Observatory

The Cutty Sark standing proudly in the background

When you are in the City you can never actually see the skyline and this was great to see it as we approached London

Again, Docklands is so vast that you can never appreciate it when walking about

Steaming towards Tower Bridge was just the most thrilling experience

and such excitement when it was opened for us to pass through

Once in the Pool of London we had a half an hour moored up before leaving

So what better way of spending the time marvelling at the scene around us 

This is the Old Custom House which we visited in my last post

And of course the majestic Tower of London - standing dominantly by the Thames

And so, as we steamed past Wapping Steps

we made our way back down the Thames towards home

A perfect day that fulfilled all my expectations.

See you soon x


  1. Looks like a grand day out. We hate visiting big cities but when we do, always look up at the architecture, bridges etc. Happy Anniversary for then!

  2. That really was a perfect day! I can't imagine how exciting it must have been to watch the Tower Bridge open for you. And aside from the wind, how lucky to get such great weather. Had it been pouring rain the day wouldn't have been nearly as wonderful.

  3. Belated congratulations Patricia to you and your husband on your 44th wedding anniversary.
    It looks a great way to see so much of London travelling on the Waverley.
    I didn't know about the Emirates cable cars they look fun.

  4. Congratulations on your Anniversary, Patricia - your have been married a year longer than us :)
    What a great way to celebrate, with all the sights of London laid out to see. I really enjoyed it would be a really neat thing to do if we ever get ourselves back to London.

  5. What a wonderful day out for your anniversary. Congratulations on such a long, happy marriage. You and John are an inspiration.

  6. Oh, what a splendid trip for such a happy occasion, I've enjoyed your photos so much. Belated Happy Anniversary to you both:)

  7. Congratulations Patricia! Looks like you had a fabulous day, and you've given us some wonderful photographs! Lx

  8. Dearest Patricia..
    What an exciting trip. You have whetted my appetite to visit london. I have been many times to London.. but never have I been down the river Thames on a little old steam ship.. it looks so lovely. You saw some wonderful sites and your photos are amazing. All the new buildings and how awesome for the bridge to open for you to go under.. A super time you must have had..
    An anniversary to remember. xxxxx val

  9. Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful trip to take and what a great present as well!! So glad that you had such a good day. Here's to many more happy years of marriage! xx

  10. What a way to celebrate your anniversary! I would love to see approach London from the water and is the Waverley too must have been extra special. Belated happy anniversary wishes.Sarah x

  11. Oh Patricia, what a wonderful way to spend your anniversary, you are very fortunate to have a romantic husband. One that would plan such a lovely outing . . . I love my Steve, but I would have gotten a card, and a "What's for breakfast", LOL. I know that on an anniversary three is a crowd, but thanks for letting me tag along. Great post!
    Connie :)

  12. What an amazing trip! I too love London and visit as often as I can.


  13. What a lovely day out for your anniversary. You certainly see London from a different perspective when travelling on a boat and with no stress of traffic jams. Thank you for your kind comment on my last post........xx

  14. Happy belated anniversary Patrica! No doubt you live in a very interesting place. I love London too and your photos reminded me Tower bridge and the Castle, and skyscrapers are seen better from the river. Wonderful the Queen Elizabeth ll bridge, I should see it as well.

  15. Did you get my first comment, I don't know, google does not like me this week....hahaha!
    Anyway a very belated happy anniversary and as I said before, wow! what an experience and such a wonderful way to see the sights. Suzy x

  16. I have visited London three times now and I have not seen it from such a modern perspective. It is a beautiful city and one I want to visit again for sure. Thanks for this wonderful tour from a native's point of view. Glad your day was perfect.

  17. ah, what a fantastic experience! congratulations on your anniversary too! BH x

  18. What a lovely way to celebrate a special occasion! A belated happy anniversary!


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