Monday, 20 October 2014

Never a dull moment


I'd had my morning stroll around the garden and was having a quiet cup of coffee whilst reading the Sunday papers when our friendly neighbourhood pair of squirrels decided to come out to play.  Not content with the nuts we put out for them on a table by the fence, as always they found it fun to play on the bird feeders and boxes etc. 

One squirrel we call Superman -  because he doesn't only jump from one feeder to the other - a good metre away, he literally leaps through the air to get what he wants before the birds get there. Of course he's a lot bigger than they are so he wins every time.

These squirrels give us such a lot of pleasure all year round - we spend many afternoons watching their antics when they're either foraging for nuts and then burying them in our lawn (!!!) or chasing along our fence to see who gets to the nuts first.

This one was actually posing for the photo I took through my French windows. He sat there for ages as though he was waiting for my camera to snap him.

Thank you for all your comments you left on my last post - they mean a lot and are much appreciated.

Have a good week.


  1. Your squirrel pictures are fabulous!!! xx

  2. How fabulous, I'd really love to pop by for a cuppa and some squirrel tv watching.

  3. Patricia, these photos are wonderful . . . you really got some close ups. We had squirrels at our old house . . . they are about the only thing we miss. They are so much fun to watch. You have a lovely garden:)
    Have a happy day.
    Connie :)

  4. He is so cute & mischevious by the looks, we do not get squirrels in Australia, well I have never seen one!
    Plenty of possums & kangaroos though.

  5. They are cute aren't they? We have three or four visit our garden and bird feeders - we can tell them apart as their marking or colouring are slightly different. Your photos are lovely:)

  6. Your squirrel is very cute. I like him much better than our squirrels, probably because your squirrel isn't digging up things I've just planted in my garden, or sitting on our back deck driving Fergus crazy. :-)

  7. You got such great photos of these squirrels. Wow, I'm really impressed. I love to watch squirrels and they're actually kind of rare where I live, so it's a real treat to see one in the yard!

  8. Great photos of the squirrels Patricia - they are entertaining little creatures which you have captured so well.

  9. Your garden always looks so attractive Patricia, and with the addition of a squirrel I'd want to sit out there all day. We always enjoy the squirrels when travelling to the Northern Hemisphere, and with much excitement announce the First Sighting :) xx

  10. Such a pleasure to be able to sit and watch squirrels in your garden Patricia.
    They have lots of places to run and hide.
    I love the little squirrels. I remember once in london ..they are very tame... and came onto my hand to get its food.
    yours looks like a red squirrel! mind you, i am no expert.
    your garden is looking lovely
    Great photos you took.
    happy week.
    val xxx

  11. What lovely pictures of the squirrels - I know they can be a nuisance but they are great fun to watch.

  12. he is a cheeky chappy isn't he! x

  13. Those are wonderful pictures of your squirrels, they can be such characters and know exactly where to find the best food! It must be fun watching them from your home. Sarah x

  14. Very cute squirrels! You could show well their curiosity. Have a nice weekend Patricia!

  15. Lovely photos of the squirrels, Patricia. I know they take the bird food, but they are such fun to watch.


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