Saturday, 27 December 2014

Waste not - want not...

Christmas morning I got up quite early, like you do, to switch my oven on in readiness for putting the turkey in to roast. I have never had a problem with my cooker and bearing in mind that my oven takes only five minutes to heat up to temperature (you know what's coming don't you) well it didn't. An hour later it was barely tepid and the thermostat hadn't risen above 50 degrees. It was completely kaput.  I do have a smaller upper oven but do you think the turkey would fit in - no. By this time I could have got into a stew - sorry about the pun - but no I chose to rise above it.  So the turkey, wrapped up in foil and a joint of pork was carted around to my daughter's kitchen by the hubster so that she could roast it for me and bring it along when they all came for lunch later. I was able to roast my potatoes and beef etc in the  small oven so all was not lost and a merry time was had by all. 

However I'm thinking I may have a tad over estimated on the amount of meat and poultry I needed for my Christmas entertaining - well we do don't we! Rather have too much than not enough. That being so, today I'm sorting the leftovers into various portions for different uses.

first there was the turkey and pork to divide up into appropriate sized 
portions for making curries, and sauces for pasta etc.

Five good portions for two  all ready to freeze

then there was the cold roast beef to mince and freeze for making
 cottage pies and Bolognaise sauces.

Lastly there was the turkey stock to make (my mother bless her, would be so proud of me). She had been known to take my turkey carcass home with her after spending Christmas lunch with us, for making her own stock back in the days when I didn't bother.

So now joy of joys I now have a wonderful aroma of turkey wafting around my kitchen which I did not have on Christmas morning and I've got three pints of turkey stock to add to my homemade soups for my trouble

Bye for now - off to put my curry on

P x


  1. You're much more creative than me, I simply froze all the leftovers and hope I'll recognize them when I want to defrost them.

  2. My goodness. You've definitely not let anything go to waste but what the heck size was the turkey to start with.....did it walk round to your daughter's arm in arm with your hubby......? Still, at least if a man comes to your door this season asking for something to go with his loaves and fishes you'll definitely be able to help him!

  3. Wow have I learned from you. Thanks for all the tips. I could certainly use them. I bet you had a delicious Christmas.
    Erna x

  4. We were out Christmas and Boxing day so no turkey or left overs for us this year. I will miss this as like you I always have extra to freeze and I always make my own stock from the carcass. And as for the curry..... a girl of my own heart! That's what we had tonight too....
    Hope you manage to get your oven sorted Pat, what a time to fail! :(

  5. We had curry on christmas day so I didn't have many leftovers. Just a few from the days around the big one. (We go to a local curry house for lunch because there's only two of us. It's good.)

  6. Oh lordy what a thing to happen so glad you kept your wits about you - will it mean a new oven? There is always so much left over meat isn't there but like you it all gets used one way or another. We had bubble and squeak with all the left over veg yesterday - delicious. Have a happy new year Patricia.

  7. Our friends fridge gave up the ghost but after an hour or so, started working again. Probably the shock of having so much food thrust in it!

  8. Oh dear, I would have been really thrown by the oven's timing! Thank goodness you could save the day and cook the turkey elsewhere. I missed turkey this year - we did not cook at home, but went to various families over two days, and all did ham and chicken. If I lived closer, I'd come round and steal some of those leftovers :) What a wonderfully organised kitchen you have, and you will make the most of that big turkey bird. Happy New Year, P. xx

  9. Glad you got there in the end with your Christmas meal! Our local daughter is a vegetarian and as we were at her new home for Christmas Day and Boxing Day we cooked the chicken, which was enough for a small gathering, at our house before taking it over to her in a special thermal bag! Thankfully we have plenty food in store now that we're snowed and iced in after the heavy snow storm here. Our other daughter, whose staying with us for the holiday, might brave the snow and go out on foot to get fresh milk. Linda :)

  10. Hello Patricia

    Yes, I am your latest followwe and I am so sorry for the confusion. I've tried to change my sunrise picture but was
    having problems, I shall have another go.

    Thank you for becomming my latest follower. As you can tell I love photography, I have more photos on my other blog but
    it was getting so overloaded I decided to start another blog dedicated only to photos.

    I'm so pleased your oven disaster turned out well, and you all enjoyed your Christmas dinner.

  11. What a thing to happen with your cooker still alll was well in the end. We have frozen half of the christmas pudding I made and half of the nut roast. Thankfully most things have been used up now thoug I suspect we'll still have Christmas cake for a week or two. Happy New Year:)

  12. What a thing to happen to your oven on Christmas Day, of all days. But at least you still
    got your turkey cooked in time and you had a lovely Christmas lunch....Have a happy New Year!!

  13. Why do these things happen on the days we need our oven most.
    Glad it worked out well in the end.
    You seem very well organised with your leftovers...............lots to enjoy through the cold winter months.

    Happy New Year to you......

  14. Gosh you have been a busy bee ! All those left overs not going to waste. Thank you for taking the time to read my last post.......xx

  15. Thank goodness your daughter lived nearby! We have finished our left overs this evening. Why do we always over cater! Sarah x

  16. Don't these things always happen at the worst possible time! You managed brilliantly in the circumstances, Patricia. When we had Christmas at home I always enjoyed dealing with the leftovers and making my own stock, but nowadays we're always away with family, so they do it. :)


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