Thursday, 5 March 2015

Book making

I've been making notebooks, journals, scrapbooks and mini photo albums for a few years now, loving the diversity of the many designs, layouts and size. I'm a collectaholic, (is there such a word? my automatic spellcheck doesn't seem to think there is) and I'm always on the look out for bits of ephemera and memorbillia, cuttings from magazines, sheet music, script, quotations and so much more besides. You name it, I keep it.

Now some might scorn at what I'm about to say but I actually check out charity shops for old books which are long past their use by date and about to go into the great bookshop in the sky. Why you ask? Well I've been learning all about the craft of Altered Books or Book Reinvention. Basically ripping the pages out of a hard back book (the pages can be saved for later use eg making book page sculptures or Christmas decorations - more about that another time). Anyway once the pages are out and the spine is intact then you have a solid cover for turning into your own journal, notebook or whatever.

Just punch some holes in the cover and correspondingly your own paper and there you have it. The titles of some books are often very apt for the kind of book I'm making. For instance "In and out of London" ideal for recording my trips into town. "Looking back at the past" great for my family history and so it goes on. Never a dull moment!

I love paper in any shape or form and have enjoyed using various techniques on many types - sketchbook paper, handmade, lined, squared and even wallpaper lining paper. Stamping, painting, drawing, writing, torn edges, there's so much scope for creating your own personalised work of art.

So, here is one of my recent makes - a scrappy, shabby kind of book which I can add to whenever and wherever I want. Memories of anything or everything, recent or not so recent.

I sprayed my cover with a few different water colours and then decided on a name - couldn't be anything else could it? 

I'm very much looking forward to filling it now that 
I've prepped all my pages

And because it's an anytime kind of scrappy book I can start my recollections wherever I want to and a perfect place for my eclectic musings, sketches, poems and favourite quotations.

As well as the occasional photos

Enjoy the rest of the week and I'll be back soon.
Bye for now x


  1. Also save yourself a lot of money as these can be expensive to buy. Plus you get fully immersed in the creation, lovely.

  2. Hello Patricia,

    This is such a fun idea. With the loose leaf format, arranging and rearranging your collected pieces of ephemera is made so much easier. As you say, you can start wherever and swap pages about as you wish without the constraints of a fixed page journal.

    And, the whole process is wonderfully creative. A great occupation for a rainy day.

  3. I'm impressed. I would never have thought to put so much work into the scrapbooks themselves. We're always picking up books & maps in charity shops with the idea of cutting them up. Check things out first though. My son has just picked up a fashion book for £5. Having checked it out, it's worth £95 on ebay. He won't sell it though.

  4. I think this a wonderful idea Patricia.
    I love books.. and especially books to sketch and write in.
    I dont keep cuttings..but like the idea.
    Best of all, is that to have a hobby is so rewarding.
    Happy scrapping and journaling.. super post
    val xxx

  5. What a great idea, Patricia! I love the look and feel of old book covers.

  6. That's a lovely idea Pat, we all need a place for everything!

  7. It's very nice, Patricia. I always enjoy seeing the things that other people treasure.

  8. Beautiful. I hope you enjoy filling the pages. x

  9. I really like the idea of taking something and making it into something else!! This is a great idea for sure, and I hope that you have fun filling your book with great memories! xx

  10. Memories / Keepsakes are great to have in their proper place, like a book or special box

    All the best Jan

  11. Your journal looks beautiful, Patricia, and I love the whole idea of the old book covers. It is a very special way to record and conserve memories, and a satisfying artistic project too. What a nice idea! xx

  12. That's a great idea, from recycling a book,to capturing those special thoughts and memories. Sarah x

  13. I used to love keeping scrapbooks as a child, Patricia, but never thought of actually making the books themselves. Yours are lovely and a wonderful way to express your creativity.

  14. Hi Patricia!
    I haven't been much time in your blog , sorry. It's interesting how you have your recollections in order. I should do the same... Now spring is coming here and I'm busy with flower and veggies seedlings.
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Ohhhh...isn't that book just lovely! I used the scrapbook in school when I was young then it became less popular before it later really took off. I see blogging as a way to make a virtual scrapbook but often think when would I do if all of my blogs were lost. This is a wonderful way to keep treasured moments together.

    Hugs from Holland,

  16. Lovely "up-cycling" idea! Do you use the pages you rip out of the old book as well? :) x

  17. What a fabulous idea. Genius in fact. Thanks for sharing

  18. Looks fabulous and I imagine its great fun. It is indeed the only name for the book. Just wondering once you rip out the pages of the old books what do you do with those, do you end up with more paper that you cant bear to throw away in the event they will one day be useful ? I ask as I too am a collectaholic and this means the house is bursting to the seams. hehe. Have a lovely weekend


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