Saturday, 11 July 2015

It's been a while I know.....

....... I could say it's my busy life; I could say I've lost my mojo; I could give any amount of reasons. It hasn't helped of course that I re-discovered Instagram and I'm well and truly hooked on Pinterest!  Added to which I'm toying with the idea of creating another blog - focusing on Essex villages, London and a bit of family history thrown in as well. More of that another time.

So - here is a small potted history of the last couple of months.

May saw us getting out and about with our family - boats, camper/caravans. 
So lovely to be out in the fresh air taking in all that mother nature has to offer

To celebrate the hubster's birthday we lunched at the top of London's Gherkin building. The views were stunning. Oh and lunch was good too!

June - our garden is really coming along now that all the pots have 
been filled with bedding plants and given a general tidy up

We've recently returned from a fabulous week in Sorrento 
which we enjoyed very much  

Just a a glimpse of what's been going on, with more to come.

I really will be back again soon. 
Have a wonderful weekend dear friends. 
P x


  1. Lovely to hear from you and to know that all is well! Sorrento is such a beautiful place isn't it, looks as though you had a great time!! I hope that you will be able to return to blogging even if it is occasionally. Enjoy your garden in the meantime - it is beautiful! xx

  2. Spounds as though you've been having a good time anyway:) I think quite a few people including me have been absent from blogland for a while - Pinterest lures me away sometime too!

  3. Hi, Patricia!
    I'm glad you had wonderful week in Italy and sure the weather was fine, isn't it? I've been to London the same time and thought we might meet but you haven't been at your place. So in another time:))
    Happy belated birthday to your hubby!

  4. Welcome back to Blogland, P. Your collages are so lovely - the garden is looking great, and Sorrento looks like the best place for a break. I didn't know you could go to the top of the Gherkin- what a lark!

  5. Lovely post Patricia,
    Summer is time for good things to happen. You have been having a great time.. Sorrento sounds so beautiful.
    I too am enjoying Instagram.. finding it more personal.. its really good. I havent posted on pinterest for a while.
    Your garden is looking lovely.
    wishing you a happy week.. val xxx

  6. Welcome back to blogging Patricia! I always find the longer that I don't post anything the more difficult it is to get back into it! I was only thinking about you the other day and your camper van.
    Snap we have recently been to Sorrento ,it looks as if your holiday was just as wonderful as ours! Where did you stay?. Sarah x

  7. Getting out and enjoying life is the best reason that I can think of to not have time to blog. Thanks for sharing a few of your photos . . . now go enjoy yourself some more, LOL.

  8. Hah! You too! Welcome back, let's see if we both can't hang on in there a bit better! Oh, I do envy your trip to Sorrento ….. how beautiful. AND a tidy garden to boot! Lxxx

  9. You certainly have been busy on your travels. Maybe our paths will cross some day as we have a motor home now and like to visit East Anglia with our two little dogs......xx

  10. Lovely photos, Patricia. the fact it's taken me almost a month to read and comment tells you you're not alone in finding blogging taking a but of a back-seat for the time being. Good to hear from you when you have time. :-)

  11. You truly are blessed with all of your adventures!
    I'm sorry we weren't able to meet up this time, but you know... there will be so many other times!
    Much love to you,
    Tammy x

  12. Loved to watch your vacation and camping photo's ,beautiful ! Have fun on your blog and a good weekend ;)

  13. Hello Patricia! I hope that the reason that you have not been blogging is because you are on more adventures and just plain having too much fun. I just want you to know that you are sorely missed.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  14. Somehow I missed this post Patricia. I had to smile when you mentioned Pinterest and instagram, my last two posts have been about social media and my love-hate relationship. It distracts me from other things I want to do, so I am starting a 30 day challenge to try and restore balance.
    Hope you enjoyed your summer and got lots of use of your camper.

  15. Thanks Sandie. IG is just so addictive. I love taking photos and its a great platform for putting them out there. It's fun but I have to step back from time to time. Must try and get together soon. P x


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