Monday, 26 February 2018

The Beast from the East

We've recently been potting up some Spring plants - more especially Primulas and Cyclamens to pretty up a weary looking garden but with the onset of the "Beast from the East" I have just come in from moving them to a safer environment underneath our pergola and covered them with a protective fleece. Hopefully they will survive the extreme weather conditions that have been forecast.

We've had snow flurries all day but evidently tonight's the night when it all happens. I'm guessing most schools will be closed and public transport will come to a halt and supermarkets will sell out of their produce, mainly bread and milk, after panicky customers buy all they can stuff in their car boots!! I do get cross, don't you. Other countries seem to get by without all the faffing and panicking.

Anyway, the forecasters are telling us that we should be prepared for extreme weather conditions and so that's what we'll do.  Hopefully they've got it wrong and it won't be as bad as they are banging on.

So, while I've been having a whinge, my Soda bread has just come out of the oven.  Hoping it's okay as I've never made one before.

So, Mary Berry said turn it over and knock it - if it sounds hollow then it's done. Watch this space!

Bye for now and keep warm. P x


  1. Sorry to hear about your cold forecast, here's hoping that your beautiful garden stays well and thrives :)

  2. It is always a treat to see your lovely garden, so bright and cheery and beautifully arranged. Good luck to the flowers tucked away under a fleece, and I hope you are snug and warm while the snow blankets the land. It all sounds very Canadian to me :) xxx

  3. Ah thank you so much Trish. We’ve got blizzards here this morning so going to settle down with a good book 😊xx

  4. Hope you survived the Beast from the East. Your plant displays look so beautifully arranged and your soda bread looks so good for a first attempt. Sarah x


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