Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mum's chocolate crunch

Firstly a warm welcome to my new followers - Aunt Janes Attic, Morning AJ and Lisa. Also thank you everyone for all the lovely comments you have left recently, they really are appreciated.

I was asked last week if I could post the recipe of my mum's chocolate crunch which I mentioned on my Foodie memory post, so here it is.

Firstly put 6 ozs (170g) margarine plus a few drops of vanilla essence into a saucepan and heat gently until the fat melts.

Blend with 8ozs (227g) self raising flour, sieved with 1oz (30g) cocoa power; add 6ozs (170g) granulated sugar and one egg.

Once mixed, press into a 9" square greased or lined tin, giving a thin layer. Brush with any egg white left in the egg shells or a few drops of water and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake in centre of moderate oven (160 degrees or gas mark 3) until firm to the touch which takes about 35 minutes. Mark into fingers and if you can, wait until cool.

Just in time for tea!



  1. Hi Patricia, you going to think me really terrible but I did reply to your comment on my post the same morning but have realised today that it was sent to the no reply blogger address and not your email account so I'm really sorry, you can change the settings on your blog to show your email (it only shows your email when you comment on a post and I think it might show when people click on the view my full profile button)only if you want to though :)
    I also delete one of your previous comment with my fat finger on my iPad as I accidentally pressed delete instead of publish(they were very close together)
    So please accept my apologies as I'm not ignoring you just not very technical at the moment!!!
    Right about picasa I use it all the time it's great for cataloging all you photos nothing is actually kept in picasa it just reads them from either your computers hard drive or your external hard drive if you use one, it's great for simple photo post production like cropping and it has a really easy to use add text feature too. It does come with a web album but you don't have to use this if you don't want to and it does have security settings so that your photos are private and not public. I use it if I want to send a large number of photos by email I just upload to the web album and use the security setting that only allows someone with the link to view the album and then send it via emails. The only other photos that will show in the web albums are ones that you post to blogger if you use the blog it button in picasa, if you would like anymore information or would like to to help you in any way then please just let me know my email is
    Good luck with it and please let me know how you get on,
    P.S I will try to remedy the deleted post sometime tonight!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Tracy for getting back to me, I do appreciate it.

  2. That looks great. Not sure my teeth would cope at the moment though.

  3. That looks lovely. After a few days back at work I really crave sweet things mid-afternoon. I think I'll give your recipe a go at the weekend. Jx

  4. Patricia i have awarded you the liebster award you can read all about it on my blog :)

  5. Hello from your newest follower, also a wife, mother and grandmother, but very definitely NOT studying history.
    Joy xx

  6. Looks delicious, thanks for sharing the recipe - I may give it a try at the weekend:)

  7. Ooh going to try this today, my daughter will love it. Julie xxx

  8. Sounds very tasty indeed, thank you for sharing.
    Lisa x

  9. Put on a pot of tea Patricia...I am on my way. I am bringing you a bouquet of daffodils too. :-)

    Half and half is light cream. I use coffee milk which we get here in Holland. It is low in fat which is always a good thing. Do you have something like that in England?

    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  10. Patricia, that recipe sounds wickedly delicious!

  11. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments and so pleased I was able to share this with you all x


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