Monday, 23 January 2017

It's all about books

Sitting here at my desk, keyboard at the ready, I'm looking for inspiration for my first blog post of the year which has been a long time coming. So, I'm glancing at my book case, crammed with all manner of reading matter. I love books, can't get enough of them. The trouble is there's only so many you can house at any one time.

This is just a small bookcase, there's another much larger one in my sitting room, one in my entrance hallway, one in the kitchen, one in my study upstairs and various nooks and crannies. Not forgetting those on my my bedside table and a great pile of books dying to be read on the floor beside my bed.

If on occasion I do take the trouble to go into town to dispose of a few books in the local charity shop - guess what - I bring another armful home with me!!

Well that broken the ice for my long awaited (by me) fingers on my keyboard once again. I must say it is very relaxing and a lovely way to spend time on a damp and foggy afternoon.

Back again soon folks.  P x


  1. I too love books and have far too many but I still enjoy flicking through them amd reading them....Iv'e never got into reading a kindle!

  2. Love your bookcases! And yes, books are wonderful. I found you by way of Cheryl at Take Time to Smell the Flowers.

    I blog off and on. I do miss it when I stop blogging; it's the people and the creative flow that I love. FB just does not compare.

    Have a nice week!

    1. Hello Wendy. Thanks for finding me. I must admit I'm looking forward to blogging again after a long break. I Instagram, which I enjoy but as you say FB is no comparison. Enjoy your week.

  3. We turned on of the back bedrooms into a study a few years ago. We splashed out and had some fitted shelving put in professionally. This is where I spend so much happy time.. especially since I retired/refocused!! Jx

  4. Like you we have bookcases both upstairs and downstairs and I also have a pile on my bedside table. I love sitting with a good book for an hour or two, when I can:)

  5. Lovely to hear from you! At least by buying more books you are supporting the charity! Try and think of it as a temporary rehoming service!!! Says she with hundreds - literally - of books waiting to be read! Hope you will feel the words flowing more now you have started!

  6. Lovely that you are back Patricia. And books -ah, books! We have had this conversation before I think. I don't know what happens, I get rid of a hundred or so (I'm being literal here, no exaggeration) to various places - friends, charity shops, 2nd hand book shops…. but the total seems to remain the same! Even now that I've begun to upload books in series to my kindle to save space. WHERE do they come from???? The only places in our cottages which are hookless are the loos and the bathroom. Even the landing has bookshelves and our porch is books on two walls floor to ceiling. I am a lost cause! Lxxx


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